Why I support Barack Obama
By Sen. Tom Rielly - Jul 13th, 2007 at 12:26 pm EDT

Today I officially announced my endorsement of Senator Obama to be our next president.

I had the honor of introducing Senator Obama’s wife Michelle at their family’s Independence Day stop in Oskaloosa last week.

I had heard that Michelle was great speaking on her husband’s behalf and found out first-hand that it’s absolutely true. She gave a tremendous speech and fired up the crowd.

There are a number of good people running on the Democratic side this year – and for that I am grateful.

But I’ve decided to pledge my support to Senator Obama because I believe that he is the one candidate who rises above all the others in every aspect – policy ideas, ability to work with people from all walks of life to actually get things done and an inspiring capacity to truly change our country.

We desperately need these characteristics in our next president. We have a narrow window of opportunity to get our country back on track and restore our standing in the world.

Senator Obama has proven time and again – as a community organizer in Chicago, in the Illinois legislature and in the United States Senate – that he has the ability bring about real change on the most important issues.

Every day here in Iowa, I sense that we are ready to have that kind of leadership in the White House again. We are ready for a president with a clear vision on issues like health care for all, education, and keeping us safe. We are ready for Barack Obama.

I’m proud to be on board and pledge my full support.

What do you think? Are you ready to join the grassroots movement that Senator Obama is building in the true spirit of the Iowa Caucus tradition? If so, click here to let the campaign know.