PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
August 2, 2007

Bishop Gene Robinson Endorses Obama

Civil rights leader joins grassroots movement for change

MANCHESTER, NH—Bishop Gene Robinson, a civil rights leader and a leading voice in the faith community, announced today that he has joined Barack Obama’s movement for change.  On a conference call with reporters, Robinson said he believes that Obama’s faith and background as a community organizer and civil rights lawyer make him uniquely qualified to advance our government’s commitment to equality and compassion for those “for whom America is not working so well.”

“As my work shows me every day, leadership means bringing people together and inspiring them to live out their values,” Bishop Robinson said.  “Barack Obama sees beyond the partisanship and hopelessness that have dominated in recent years, and the movement he’s building is bringing vital new energy and optimism into our democratic process. I’m excited to work with Barack to bridge the old divides and make this country one again.”

Bishop Robinson was the first openly gay man elected bishop of a major American Christian denomination, and has never before publicly endorsed a candidate for office.

A resident of Weare, New Hampshire, Robinson is known for his innovative approach to ministry and his work in clerical leadership development and conflict resolution.  He is deeply committed to service, working in Africa to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, and leading programs here in New Hampshire to increase access to health care and promote the development of affordable housing.

“Bishop Robinson represents the best of American values: a generous faith, a commitment to fairness and respect, and an abiding belief in the possibilities of every individual,” Senator Obama said.  “I look forward to his support in this groundbreaking campaign.”



August 2, 2007
Contact: Reid Cherlin