PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America


Des Moines, Iowa
– Today, the Obama campaign announced that former Iowa congressman Jim Leach endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President. Leach also joined former Rhode Island Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffee and prominent lawyer and former White House intelligence advisor Rita E. Hauser to announce the formation of Republicans for Obama.
"I have no doubt that Barack Obama's leadership is the leadership we need and that the world is crying out for," said Leach. "Barack Obama's platform is a call for change, but the change that he is so gracefully articulating is more renewal than departure.  It is rooted in very old American values that are as much a part of the Republican as the Democratic tradition. There's an emphasis on individual rights, fairness and balance at home and progressive internationalism."
“Congressman Leach is well-respected across the state of Iowa by Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike, and we are honored to have his support,” said Obama Iowa State Director Jackie Norris.  “This election is about changing the way Washington does business, and many Republicans like Congressman Leach understand America cannot afford another four years of the failed policies of the Bush Administration.”
Across the country Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are coming together in support of Senator Obama to bring change to Washington. Obama has a strong record of bringing people together from the left and the right to solve problems, leading with superior judgment on foreign policy issues, and demonstrating fiscal responsibility.
Leach represented southeastern Iowa in the US Congress from 1977-2007 and earned a reputation as one of the most respected foreign policy experts in Washington.

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August 12, 2008
Jenni Lee