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Obama Campaign Announces New “Democratic Change Commission”

Commission will Review the Delegate Selection Rules in light of the 2008 Presidential Nominating Cycle


CHICAGO -Today the Obama Campaign and the Democratic National Committee announced a proposal to establish a special commission to recommend changes to the Democratic Party's rules for delegate selection and presidential primary timing for future presidential cycles. The proposal will be presented to the Convention Rules Committee on Saturday in Denver.


The 'Democratic Change Commission' will address three issues 1) changes to the opening of the window and pre-window, 2) reducing the number of superdelegates and 3) changes to the caucus system. The goal of the commission will be to ensure that no primary or caucus is held prior to the first Tuesday in March of 2012, with the exception of the approved pre-window states, whose contests would be held during February 2012.


 "After the 56 contests in this historic primary season, our party is stronger and more energized than ever before -- with millions of new voters participating.  As we look to the future, we must continue to strengthen the process and ensure a fair process in which the diverse voices in our party and our nation have a chance to be heard.  That is the essential role that the Democratic Change Commission can and will play, and we look forward to their recommendations," said DNC Chairman Howard Dean.


"Senator Obama is committed to working towards growing our party, improving our nominating process and ensuring as many people as possible participate in the process. Obama believes the Democratic Change Commission is an important and necessary step to achieving these goals," said Obama Campaign Chairman David Plouffe.


The Democratic Change Commission will be appointed by the new DNC Chairman and will consist of 35 members and two co-chairs. Membership will be divided between men and women and will be geographically and demographically diverse. The Commission shall issue its report and recommendations to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee no later than January 1, 2010. The Commission will be established no later than 60 days after the date of the next election of the DNC National Chair.





August 20, 2008

Contact: Obama Press Office