PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America


September 3, 2007


Josh Earnest

Tommy Vietor

Obama Campaign Announces Iowa Labor Steering Committee

DES MOINES – The Obama for America Campaign today announced a 25-member Labor Steering Committee to lead union outreach efforts for Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign.  These steering committee members from across Iowa will serve as a sounding board for the labor community, lead efforts to organize union workers and discuss Barack Obama’s commitment to fighting special interests and protecting workers’ rights.

“From the picket lines of Chicago to the halls of the U.S. Senate, I have consistently fought to protect the rights of our workers,” Barack Obama said.  “That’s why I am honored to have the support of these union members from across Iowa who are committed to transforming the way we do politics in Washington, D.C. and will play an instrumental role in leading our outreach efforts to the labor community.”

As a community organizer on Chicago’s South Side, Barack Obama stood side by side with workers affected by steel mill closings.  As he’s done throughout his career in public service, Obama brought together different groups of people – local residents, activists, churches, and local workers – to restore economic opportunity and hope to the community.  In the U.S. Senate, Obama continued the fight by cosponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act and working to expand collective bargaining rights, overtime pay, and workers’ rights.

“Throughout his career, Barack Obama has been a consistent champion of the organized labor movement, fighting for workers’ rights and to improve the lives of working families,” union member Greg Simpson of Dubuque said.  “This commitment is the reason why we’re proud to support Barack Obama’s campaign to challenge the conventional thinking in Washington, D.C. that has continued to block progress on the tough issues we face.”

Today, special guests Illinois AFL-CIO President Emeritus Margaret Blackshere, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Congressman Neil Abercrombie (D-HI), and Former Congressman Brad Carson (D-OK) will attend Labor Day celebrations throughout Iowa and discuss Senator Obama’s commitment to fighting for America’s workers.  Click here for detailed information on Labor Day events throughout Iowa.

Below is the list of the members of the Labor Steering Committee for Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign.  The unions are listed for reference purposes only and not intended to show union endorsement:
Name Union City
Bill Zeigler, local CWA President CWA Emmetsburg 
Kevin Petit Lettercarriers Sioux City
Harlan "Curly" Salvatori Retired Plumbers and Pipefitters  Sioux City
Elliott "Andy" Anderson UAW - Retiree Burlington
John Riessen ISEA Retiree - Des Moines County  Labor Council West Burlington
Steve Nienhaus Carpenter's Union Muscatine
Robert McFadden Ironworker Muscatine
Dennis DeDecker Steelworker's Davenport
Frederick Seay, President of local AFSCME AFSCME Keokuk
Olin Clayton Steelworker's Des Moines
Phil Sanchez United Steel Workers Mason City
Heidi Drees United Transportation Union/Railworkers Nevada
Carol Kula, President of Muscatine Education Association  NEA Muscatine
Buzz Malone Laborers Chariton
Bob Schubert UAW (retired) Marshalltown 
Mike Godbout Firefighter  Glenwood
Warren Yaple TWU - Transportation Council Bluffs
Greg Simpson SEIU Dubuque
Lori Sokolowski Farmer's Union Holstein
Dick Sokolowski Farmer's Union Holstein
Senator Bob Dvorsky AFSCME Coralville
Sue Dvorsky ISEA    Coralville
Michela Parbs IBEW   Center Point
Dale Hedgecoth Teamsters   Cedar Rapids
Tom Haugen, IBEW Political Director IBEW   Cedar Rapids