PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
Sept. 25, 2007

NH Campaign Announces New Hampshire Health Care Community for Obama

Health care professionals will join campaign in hosting policy nights across the state to discuss Obama’s health care plan

MANCHESTER, NH— Senator Barack Obama’s New Hampshire campaign today announced the membership of the New Hampshire Health Care Community for Obama. The 52-member group covers a broad spectrum of health care professionals, with 22 doctors, 7 mental health professionals, 6 nurses, 9 public policy experts, 5 administrators and 3 State Representatives.  The group will coordinate outreach and advise the campaign on health care issues.

“Senator Obama has introduced a common-sense plan to cover every American and save the typical family $2,500 per year—but even more important, he has the ability to bring people together to take this issue head-on,” said State Rep. Cindy Rosenwald, chair of the House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee.  “Barack Obama inspires us to believe that change is possible.”

On Thursday, the New Hampshire Health Care Community for Obama will launch a statewide series of policy nights to discuss Obama’s plan to provide health care for all Americans.  Policy nights will be held in Keene, Dover, Derry, Nashua, Manchester, Laconia, and Concord.  Details can be found HERE.

**New Hampshire Health Care Community for Obama members are available to speak to the media.  Please contact Reid Cherlin for details at (603) 668-2008.

New Hampshire Health Care Community for Obama

Ned Helms – Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice, UNH; Obama New Hampshire Co-Chair
Concord, NH

State Representative Cindy Rosenwald – Chair, Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee
Nashua, NH

State Representative Tom Donovan – Vice Chair, Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee
Claremont, NH

State Representative Judie Reever – Vice Chair, LRGHealthcare Board of Trustees
Laconia, NH

Mike Hill – Director, New Hampshire Hospital Association
Pittsfield, NH

Tom Bunnell – Franklin Pierce Law Center – Health, Law & Ethics
Concord, NH

Former State Representative Rebecca Hutchinson – Policy Staff, Health Care, House Majority Office
Deerfield, NH

Former State Representative Carol Moore – Social worker, mental health professional
Concord, NH

Paul Spiess
Amherst, NH

Mike Degnan – Health policy consultant; CEO Behavioral Health Network
Concord, NH

Gerri King – Social Psychologist & Organizational Consultant
Concord, NH

David Coursin – Psychiatrist; Asst. Professor of Psychiatry
Concord, NH

Susan MacNeil – Executive Director, AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region
Gilsum, NH

Alice Buckner – Health Care consultant
Brookline, NH

Rick Miller – Neurosurgeon
Portsmouth, NH

John Randolph – Neurophysiologist
Hanover, NH

Rusty Strong – Surgeon
Bow, NH

Bob Friedlander – Hematologist/Oncologist
Hopkinton, NH

Peter Crow – Hematologist/Oncologist
Canterbury, NH

Charles Leutzinger – Oncologist
Wilton, NH

Ethel Hull – Psychologist
Canterbury, NH

Sam Osherson – Psychologist
Nelson, NH

Jeffrey Wagner – Psychologist
Brentwood, NH

Fred Bates – Mental Health & Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Derry, NH

Jason Emmick – Chief of Pediatrics, Elliot Hospital
Manchester, NH

Charlie Carrier – Physician, Internal Medicine
Bedford, NH

Michael Lynch – Physician, Emergency Medicine
Concord, NH

Ira Schwartz – Physician, Portsmouth Regional Hospital
Portsmouth, NH

Gale Brown – Physician
Portsmouth, NH

Brian Claussen – Physician
Bedford, NH

Carolyn Claussen – Physician
Bedford, NH

Valerie Danielson – Physician, Family Medicine
Bedford, NH

Laura Emmick – Family practice, Manchester Community Health Center
Manchester, NH

Robert Kiefner – Family practice physician
Concord, NH

Ken Dolkart – Geriatrician/Internist, Nashua Center for Healthy Aging
Nashua, NH

Michael Miller – Dartmouth Medical Student
Hanover, NH

James D. Spivey – Periodontist
Exeter, NH

Juanita Fonseca – Orthodontist
Exeter, NH

Peter Sands – Dermatologist
Concord, NH

Cindall Morrison – Nurse Midwife
Concord, NH

Laura Knowles – Nurse Midwife
Concord, NH

Kelly Nordstrom – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
New Boston, NH

Bill Demers – Nurse Manager
Bethlehem, NH

Donna Swanson – Emergency Department Registered Nurse, Frisbie Memorial Hospital
Durham, NH

Bobbi Beaudet – Registered Nurse
Hookset, NH

Genie Dean – Registered Nurse, Elliot Hospital
Bedford, NH

Amy Costello – Research Associate, NH Institute for Health Policy and Practice, UNH
Dover, NH

John Jacobs – Public Health educator
Portsmouth, NH

Jennifer Kinsey – Public Health educator
Stratham, NH

Phil Slagle – Diabetes advocate
Brookline, NH

Stephanie Micklon – Community Liaison, Salemhaven Nursing Home
Salem, NH

Jerry Slagle – Fidelity Guardianship Services, Certified Guardian Ad Litem
Alton, NH


September 25, 2007
Contact: Reid Cherlin