PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America


September 28, 2007


Josh Earnest
Tommy Vietor


Obama Campaign Announces Johnson County Leadership Committee

Campaign to Host “Countdown to Change” Event for Undecided Voters on October 2nd

DES MOINES – Today, the Obama Campaign announced a 57-member leadership committee that will take an active role in guiding and participating in the campaign’s outreach efforts in Johnson County.  These leaders in the community have taken an active role in the Obama Campaign by building support throughout Johnson County and organizing grassroots outreach events.

“America is ready for Barack Obama’s leadership and judgment” said Johnson County Co-Chair Sue Dvorsky.  “He is the best candidate to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end and bring our troops home. He had the judgment, and showed the courage, to speak out against the war before it was popular, when others were unwilling to do the same.  Barack Obama is an independent thinker, and that’s why he is our best hope to truly transform our politics and our country.”

Dedicated to building upon Senator Obama’s grassroots movement for change, the leadership committee brings local knowledge and experience to Senator Obama’s organization in Johnson County.  The members of the committee will be hosting a “Countdown to Change” event for Obama supporters and local undecided voters on October 2nd at 7:00pm in Coralville’s Morrison Park.

“I’m honored to have the support of these leaders in Johnson County who are leading our grassroots campaign,” Senator Obama said.  “I know from first hand experience as a community organizer that real change happens from the bottom up, not the top down.  That’s why our campaign is committed to uniting and empowering local communities to help us build this grassroots movement for change.”

Johnson County elected officials backing Obama include State Senator Bob Dvorsky, Coralville City Council member Tom Gill, Iowa City Mayor Ross Wilburn, Iowa City Council member Amy Correia and Johnson County Supervisor Rod Sullivan.  Other prominent Johnson County Democrats on the Obama team include former Iowa House Democratic leader Dick Myers.

See below for the full list of committee members:

Sue Dvorsky, Co-Chair,
Ross Wilburn, Mayor of Iowa City & Co-Chair

Barb Henke
Deb Lidell
Geoff Lauer
John Westefeld
Erika Lauer
Sam Becker
JP Claussen
Paul Osterholt
Dick Myers, Former House Minority Leader
Heather Shank
James Moody
Doris Myers
Hector Ibarra
Robin Roseman
Senator Bob Dvorsky
Melanie Gross
Dennis Roseman
Jim Hayes
Mitch Gross
Brenda Brenneman
Amy Correia, Iowa City Council
Randy Larson
Michael Knock
Colleen Davis
Jim Swaim
Orville Townsend
Rod Sullivan, Johnson County Supervisor
Linda Yanney
Charlie Eastham
Michael Wright
Diane Dillon Ridgley
Melissa Fath
Faith Wilmot
John McCormally
Pauline Taylor
Stacey Medd
Kathy Gloer
Carol Kula
Amy Green
Julie Jessen
Tom Gill, Coralville City Council
Ron Mirr
Leanne Goldberry
Deb Gill
Bill Boyd
Julie Thomas
Damon Terrill
Sheila Boyd
Billie Townsend
Pat Bauer
Kay Thistlewaite
Joyce Carman
Chris Luzzie
Lazara Alseiro Pittman
Karen Franklin