PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
October 17, 2007
Grassroots Activists Join Obama’s Campaign for Change

37 Manchester area activists endorse Obama

MANCHESTER, NH—More than 60 grassroots activists from the Manchester area and around the state announced this week that they’ve joined Barack Obama’s movement for change.  The endorsements come as voters begin to focus in earnest on the kind of leadership that can bring about real change in Washington.

“Barack Obama recognizes that we need to change Washington in a fundamental way if we’re going to make progress on pressing issues like health care and energy independence—and he’s the only candidate in this race who can do it,” Jack Resch said.  “As he always says, we don’t need a candidate who’s good at playing the Washington game—we need a candidate who can put an end to the game-playing and focus on results.”

The following activists joined Obama in calling for real change:

Manchester Area

Tim Baines, Manchester – Activist

Marilyn Brock, Bedford – Activist

Dan Callaghan, Manchester – Former Democratic State Committee Treasurer

Jed Callen, New Boston – Activist

Barbara Carbonneau, Goffstown – Activist

Tracey Carrier, Bedford – Activist

Charles Carrier, M.D., Bedford – Doctor

Frank Catano, Goffstown – Activist, Professor of Psychology at SNHU

Alan Chuckran, Merrimack – Activist

Charlotte Daley, Bedford – Activist

Christina D’Allesandro, Manchester – Community Leader, Activist

Kathy Erskine, Manchester – Activist

Dick Erskine, Manchester – Activist

Susan Fischer, Amherst – Activist

Tim Fischer, Amherst – Activist

Jessica Fisher, Manchester – Activist

Bill Gillet, Manchester – Activist

Kathy Gillet, Manchester – Activist

Ray Iannuzzelli, Amherst – Activist

Susannah Jonas, Francestown – Activist

Katie Kiernan, Manchester – Former Field Director for the Gephardt campaign

Maryann Lehman, Raymond – Activist

Jeanne Ludt, Amherst – Activist

Jesse Martineau, Manchester – State Representative

Keith McCrea, Manchester – Activist

Barbara Miles, Manchester – Former Community Organizer

Michelle O’Rourke, Bedford – Activist

Joseph O’Rourke, Bedford – Activist

Jack Resch, Manchester – Former State Representative, President of the Board of Trustees of Child & Family Services, President of Board of Directors of World Affairs Council of New Hampshire, Professor of History at UNH

Steve Solomon, Manchester – Activist, Senior Partner at Backus, Meyer, Solomon, and Branch Law Firm

Richard Sowa, Auburn – Activist

Nan Stearns, Amherst – Activist

Peter Stearns, Amherst – Activist

Jim Townsend, Manchester – Activist

Sandy Townsend, Manchester – Activist

Julia Westcott, Auburn – Activist

Mervin Weston, Manchester – Veteran presidential campaign media consultant


Seacoast Area

Dennis Abbott, Newmarket – State Representative

Burt Cohen, Portsmouth – UNH Professor, Activist

Eileen Flockhart, Exeter – State Representative

Francine Hall, Exeter – Activist, Professor Emeritus at UNH Business School

Frank Heffron, Exeter – Activist

John Henson, Exeter – State Representative

Walter Hoerman, Rochester – Town Chair, Former Mayor

Sarah Hutz, Dover – State Representative

Patty McKenzie, Hampton – Activist

Karen Prior, Exeter – Activist

Bob Prior, Exeter – Activist

Ned Raynolds, Portsmouth – City Councilor

Mike Schwartz, Rye – Town Chair


Concord Area

Alan M. Cantor, Concord – Activist, Non-profit leader

Cathy Green, Dunbarton – Attorney

Marty Van Oot, Concord – Attorney

Peter Sabin, Warner – Activist


Lakes Region

Dave Eastman, Tamworth – Activist, Founder of NH Lakes Association

Alex Ray, Holderness – Owner, Common Man Restaurant

Mike Warmington, Gilford – Activist


Southern Tier

Philip Nugent, Danville – Activist

Don Petterson, Brentwood – Former Ambassador


Keene/Monadnock Area

Truman Breshears, Alstead – Vice Chair, Alstead Democrats

Linda Cates, Nelson – Cheshire County Democrats Vice Chair, Nelson Town Democrats Vice Chair

Harriet Charland, Winchester – Winchester Town Democratic Co-Chair

Kathleen Richards, Keene – Activist

Nathaniel Stout, Keene – City Councilor


North Country

Theresa Kennett, Conway – Activist, Police Commissioner

Sally Sherrard, Littleton – Activist, Former Educator





October 17, 2007

Contact: Reid Cherlin