PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America


December 6, 2007


Josh Earnest
Tommy Vietor

Rural Democratic County Chairs Support Obama’s Positive Campaign for Change
Local Democratic Leaders Choose Obama and His Commitment to Clean Campaigning

DES MOINES – The Obama Campaign today announced that 4 rural Democratic County Chairs in Southwest Iowa decided to back Senator Obama’s campaign to bring about change we can believe in – and praised his commitment to attacking America’s challenges, not fellow Democrats.  These local Democratic leaders across the state will reach out to Democrats in their county and discuss Barack Obama’s ability to bring America together and truly transform our country.

“Barack Obama understands that Americans are tired of divisive politics that tear our country apart.  That is why he has disavowed negative politics and worked to include all Iowans in his campaign.” Chuck Wredt Pottawattamie Democrats Chair said.  “We are ready for a President that who can bring our country together so we can finally tackle the tough challenges Americans face, and I know Barack Obama can be that President.”

“Barack Obama’s ability to inspire hope and unity are reasons why I’ve joined his campaign to change politics as usual,” Howard “Butch” Heisterkamp, Carroll County Democrats Chairman said. “He has refused to stoop to false attacks and has disavowed the negative politics that have failed this nation for decades.  We need real change in Washington, D.C. and I’m confident Barack Obama is the best candidate to bring people together, work across the aisle, and finally make progress on the problems everyday Americans care about.”

"Senator Obama knows that the Democratic nominees need to focus on solving people's problems, not on creating false attacks and calculated decisions," said Brian Kingsolver, Chairman of the Fremont County Democrats.  "The American people need a president who has integrity and an ability to bring people together.  Americans need Barack Obama."

"Democrats in Page County and across Iowa see Barack Obama's positive campaign and have been inspired to take action and join his grassroots movement for change.  We have been impressed by his commitment to the positive and hopeful politics that drove him into the spotlight and that he has refused to abandon in his caucus campaign." Dennis Cole, Chairman of the Page County Democrats said.  "Barack is open and honest about where he stands on the issues my family, friends, and neighbors are facing every day."

Democratic County Chairs from across the state will play a vital role in Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign.  Active in their local communities, these county chairs will provide advice and support to the Obama Campaign as they continue to build Obama’s grassroots movement for change.

“Real change happens from the bottom up, not the top down.  As a former community organizer, I know first hand the vital role these local leaders play.” Senator Obama said.  “By building support on the grassroots level, we will continue to grow our movement for lasting change we can believe in, and that’s why I’m proud to have the support of these Democratic leaders across Iowa.