PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
December 6, 2007

More than 2,100 New Hampshire Women Endorse Obama
Granite State women praise Obama’s ability to unite people for change

MANCHESTER, NH—More than 2,000 New Hampshire women today announced their support for Senator Barack Obama.  Women from across the state cited Obama’s career fighting for women and families—and his unique ability to bring people together for change.

“The broken political system in Washington is failing women and families,” said Grace Mattern, Northwood resident and Executive Director of New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.  “Barack Obama knows what regular people are going through—and he’s the candidate I trust to actually bring people together and make real progress on issues like health care and education.”

The endorsements come on the heels of a two-day New Hampshire visit from Senator Obama’s wife Michelle, during which she discussed balancing career and family responsibilities with working women at roundtables in Concord and Portsmouth.  Last month, Senator Obama hosted a roundtable discussion with working women in Walpole.

“He’s genuine,” said Hope Grenier of Charlestown, who decided to support Obama after meeting him at the roundtable in Walpole. “I could tell that he really understands the challenges we face day to day as working women, and that he cares deeply about helping.”

Last month, Obama unveiled a major policy proposal to reclaim the American Dream for middle class families and help women balance personal and professional priorities. Among other measures, Obama’s plan calls for doubling our investment in after-school programs, expanding the Child and Dependent Tax Credit and the Family and Medical Leave Act, and promoting flexible work arrangements.


The following New Hampshire women publicly announced their support of Obama:


Anna Aasgaard, Peterborough

Carolyn Abagis, Merrimack

Gretchen Abendschein, Acworth

Donna Ackerman, Sanbornville

Amy Adams, Keene

Sharon Adler, New Boston

Karen Adler, Portsmouth

Elinor Adler, Salem

Lea Aeschliman, Portsmouth

Jennifer Agans, Amherst

Patrice Aguda-Brown, Westmoreland

Gillian Aguilar, Portsmouth

Susan Aho, Sullivan

Patricia Aichele, Portsmouth

Sandra Akacem, Enfield

Mary Akerly, Goffstown

Kemlo Aki, Weare

Jennifer Alba, Ashland

Janice Alberghene, Dover

Julie Albert, Bedford

Kathleen Aldridge, Gilford

Gina Alibrio, Manchester

Dortha Allard, Manchester

Mary Allen, Antrim

Susan Allen, Gilford

Elizabeth Allen, Henniker

Meredith Allen, Londonderry

Jennifer Allen, N Sandwich

Carol Allen, Hanover

Sheila Allicon, Derry

Mary Allison, Freedom

Nancy Allison, Lyme

Susan Almy, Lebanon

Mary Ames, Hudson

Evelyn Amidon, Merrimack

Joan Anastasiou, Nashua

Patricia Anderson, Marlow

Beverly Anderson, Sanbornton

Cynthia Anderson, Stratham

Caroline Andrasko, Bedford

Antonia Andreoli, Walpole

Patricia Ansdell, Merrimack

Diane Anthony, Pelham

Kelly Antonelli, Rochester

Wendy Appleton, Bedford

Elaine Arata, Belmont

Emily Archer, Mont Vernon

Diane Arenburg, Nashua

Leslie Ari, Chichester

Faith Armington, Nashua

Amanda Armstrong, Portsmouth

Sophie Arnoutis, Manchester

Sunshine Aronoff, Laconia

Amy Aro-Youngman, Keene

Beth Arsenault, Laconia

Ute Arsenault, Laconia

Chantal Artsy, Nashua

Phyllis Ashenhurst, Nashua

Joan Ashley, Hanover

Karen Atherton, Hudson

Lynne Audet Haviland, Bedford

Pamela Auer, Merrimack

Lisa Auger, Atkinson

Jill Avallone, Concord

Elizabeth Avery, Antrim

Joellen Aviza, Concord

Colette Awad, Hudson

Patricia Ayers, Hopkinton

Susan Ayotte, Laconia

Susan Azibert, Windham

Shirley Babin, Barrington

Rena Badger, Nashua

Molly Badrawy, Marlborough

Janet Bailey, Hooksett

Joanne Baillargeon, Claremont

Patricia Baker, Hampton

Gladys Baker, Nashua

Patricia Baker, Rochester

Heather Baldwin, Thornton

Margaret Ball, Belmont

Maureen Ballester, Gilmanton

Patricia Ballestero, Madbury

Maureen Baptiste, Francestown

Veronica Barbadoro, Plymouth

Elizabeth Barbi, Dover

Kathleen Barger, Moultonborough

Mary Barker, Stratham

Caroline Barnebey, Wolfeboro

Angela Barnes, Manchester

Mabelle Barnette, Newmarket

Susan Barr, Gilmanton

Ellen Barr, Nashua

Shirley Barrett, Dover

Joanne Barrett, Manchester

Deborah Barry, Warner

Sandra Barton, Northwood

Patricia Bass, Concord

Constance Bastille, Peterborough

Pamela Baucom, Walpole

Briana Bauer, Newmarket

Janet Bayard, Meredith

Suzanne Bayard, Meredith

Sheila Bay-Harvey, Temple

Rebecca Beam, Exeter

Susan Bean, Concord

Roberta Beaudet, Hooksett

Patricia Bechok, New London

Laura Bedard, W Peterborough

Michelle Bedard, Windham

Christine Beehler, Amherst

Kimberly Beers, Concord

Barbara Beeson, Exeter

Elizabeth Beeson, Holderness

Althea Behm, Northwood

Miyoko Belanger, Dover

Dorothy Belanger, Hinsdale

Joann Beliveau, Goffstown

Jacquelyn Bell, Newport

Margaret Bell, Tilton

Sally Belluscio, Acworth

Christine Bemis, Keene

Janet Benard, Manchester

Josie Bendicks, Concord

Amy Benedict, Keene

Emily Bengtson, Hanover

Renee Bennett, Barrington

Eileen Bennett, Claremont

Jane Bennett, Durham

Phyllis Bennett, Durham

Alice Bennett-Groh, Wilton

Christine Benson, Alstead

Nancy Benson, Dover

Irene Benson, Marlborough

Norma Bentilla, Raymond

Stephanie Bergeron, Manchester

Rebecca Berk, Hooksett

Elizabeth Berkeley, Goffstown

Evelyn Bernard, Allenstown

Eleanor Berney, Rochester

Karen Bernier, Rochester

Dorothy Bernier, Manchester

Cathy Berry-Dobens, Canterbury

Marion Best, Wilmot

Donna Bever, Londonderry

Irene Bey, Center Conway

Linda Beyer, Hopkinton

Vidhya Bhat, Durham

Erica Bickford, Wolfeboro

Jessica Bigaj, Nelson

Debroah Billian, Rochester

Anna Birch, Newmarket

Violet Bishop, Merrimack

Lisa Bissonnette, Boscawen

Amanda Bissonnette, Concord

Cynthia Bittinger, Hanover

Nancy Black, Newport

Mary Blackford, Concord

Patricia Blackman, Claremont

Marie Blaine, Alstead

Danielle Blais, Gilmanton

Claire Blais, Nashua

Elizabeth Blanchard, Concord

Joan Blank, Hanover

Antigone Bleecher, Manchester

Margaret Blodget, Wolfeboro

Joyce Blood, Concord

Truda Bloom, Londonderry

Anna Bluhm, Goffstown

Joyce Blunt, Grantham

Barbarajo Bockenhauer, Concord

Miranda Bocko, Rye

Veronica Bodden, Hudson

Debra Bodell, Dover

Kathleen Boduch, Portsmouth

Penny Boeckelman, Hanover

Jane Boesch, North Hampton

Pauline Boggis, Milford

Megan Bogonovich, Concord

Betty Bogue, Penacook

Linda Bohrer, Grantham

Jennifer Bois-Slattery, Hudson

Patricia Bojus, Freedom

Pamela Boley, Portsmouth

Jocelyn Bolle, Francestown

Sarah Bollinger, Marlborough

Anne Bonaparte-Krogh, Concord

Patricia Bonardi, Bethlehem

Paula Bonner, Concord

Marjorie Bonneville, Tilton

Rejeanne Boone, Raymond

Margaret Booth, Hanover

Cheryl Booth, Portsmouth

Micaela Boucher, Nashua

Deborah Boudreau-Parker, Hancock

Kathleen Bourdon-Halperin, West Lebanon

Bonny Bourque-Pinkham, Somersworth

Constantia Bowditch, Peterborough

Rita Bowlby, Portsmouth

Susan Boyle, Hanover

Catherine Boyle, New Ipswich

Kathryn Bradley, Hanover

Dorothy Bragdon, Exeter

Doria Bramante, Durham

Elizabeth Bramante, Durham

Susan Branch, Concord

Jane Branch, Concord

Karen Brandano, Sandown

Ingrid Braulini, Springfield

Clarice Brazas, Newmarket

Lucy Breed, Hopkinton

Jean Breen, Claremont

Liv Brena, Bedford

Frances Brennan, Salem

Cynthia Brewster, Gilsum

Emily Briand, Dover

Margaret Brick, Weare

Janet Bridgham

Alyssa Brigandi, Dover

Charlotte Broaden, Hooksett

Melody Brochu, Gorham

Marilyn Brock, Bedford

Sara Brockunier, Claremont

Jill Brooks, Dalton

Catherine Brophy, Stratham

Ellen Brousseau, Litchfield

Virginia Brown, Barrington

Jeanne Brown, Goffstown

Jean Brown, Hanover

Mary Brown, Hanover

Nancy Brown, Hopkinton

Lisa Brown, New Ipswich

Virginia Brown, Peterborough

Karen Brown, Piermont

Rhona Brown, Seabrook

Nancy Brown, Rindge

Allison Browne, Plymouth

Sue Browne, Thornton

Dorothy Brownell, Bartlett

Marie Bruce, Derry

Nancy Bruce, Exeter

Theresa Brunette, Hampton

Cynthia Bruss, Springfield

Stephanie Bruss, Sutton

Alice Buckner, Brookline

Beverly Bullard, Farmington

Harriet Bundy, Manchester

Janet Bunnell, Claremont

Marcia Burch, Claremont

Laurie Burdwood, Dover

Chris Burgess, Canterbury

Eileen Burnell, Belmont

Mary-Lou Burness, Rindge

Heather Burns, Concord

Bettina Burr, Barrington

Deborah Butler, Concord

Edith Butler, Henniker

Kristen Byron, Loudon

Margaret Cade, Freedom

Carol Caldwell, Dover

Susan Calegari, Northfield

Christina Call, Hampton

Diane Callahan, Sharon

Susan Callaway, Keene

Bernadette Cameron, Deerfield

Susan Campbell, Jaffrey

Kathryn Canedy, Auburn

Elizabeth Canning, Langdon

Peggy Cantave, Dover

Margaret Capobianco, Derry

Barbara Carbonneau, Goffstown

Bertha Carbonneau, Londonderry

Alice Carbonneau, Deerfield

Kathleen Caredeo, Salem

Caryl Carle, Derry

Mary Carleton, Etna

Patricia Carlise, Chester

D Carlsmith, Wilton

Barbara Carpenito, Manchester

Lisah Carpenter, Wilmot

Tracey Carrier, Bedford

Nancy Carter, Hanover

Mary Carter, Hopkinton

Linda Carter, Litchfield

Jessica Carter, Nashua

Gail Carter, Rochester

Kimberly Cartier, Auburn

Jaime Caryl-Klika, Concord

Irene Casciano, Nashua

Kimberley Casey, East Kingston

Anna Casey, Newmarket

Jaclyn Casey, Winchester

Esther Cash, Exeter

Patricia Castaldo, Concord

Victoria Cater, Henniker

Linda Cates, Nelson

Carolyn Cavadini, Troy

Kathy Cavallaro, Rye

Cassandra Caza, Exeter

Christine Cecchetti, Grantham

Barbara Cedrone, Salem

Victoria Cesarini, Bow

Meredith Cestrone, Hudson

Karin Cevasco, Nashua

Phyllis Chamberlain, Keene

Dianne Chambers, Portsmouth

Idell Champagne, Concord

Ruth Champagne, Manchester

Judith Chapin, New London

Mary Chappell, Newport

Melanie Chaput, Nashua

Lisa Charest, Manchester

Rita Charette, Manchester

Harriet Charland, Winchester

Elaine Charles, Dover

Lindsey Charles, Dover

Lolita Charleston, Nashua

Diane Charney, Hampton

Janet Charron, Newmarket

Deborah Chase, Gilmanton

Sarah Chase, Hopkinton

Christine Chase, Manchester

Diane Chauvette, Manchester

Christine Cherian, Boscawen

Jocelyn Chertoff, Hanover

Linda Chesley, Charlestown

Lenore Child, Derry

Susan Childress, Wilton

Eleanor Childs, Pelham

Judith Blattmachr Chisholm, Bow

June Churchill, Keene

Alida Ciampa, Lyme

Jacalyn Cilley, Barrington

Lynn Cina, Londonderry

Lori Cinque, Amherst

Elizabeth Ciriello, Salem

Linda Claff, Sharon

Mary Clairmont, Belmont

Melissa Clark, Gilmanton Iron Works

Pamela Clark, Laconia

Colleen Clark, Peterborough

Martha Clark, Portsmouth

Nancy Clark, Webster

Joyce Clark, Westmoreland

Terri Clarke, Peterborough

Janet Clauser, Newmarket

Carolyn Claussen, Bedford

Priscilla Clavitte, Laconia

Nancy Clayman, Nashua

Cynthia Cleary, Derry

Adrienne Clement, Exeter

Rebecca Clerkin, Dover

Doris Clinton, Londonderry

Amie Cloos, Wolfeboro

Briana Coakley-Hoyt, Dover

Jennifer Coburn, Newport

Tamara Cocchiarella, Campton

Hilary Coder, Exeter

K Coen, Concord

Kara-Lynn Coggershall, Hampton

Jane Cogswell, Concord

Harriett Cohen-Alexander, Auburn

Melissa Cohen-Fyffe, Pelham

Sarah Coito, Portsmouth

Nancy Coldwell, Manchester

Nancy Cole, Manchester

Candace Cole-McCrea, Milton

Marie Coll, Salem

Ann Collacchi, Londonderry

Sharon Collins, Newton

Abigal Collinsworth, Walpole

Paula Colman, Rochester

Margaret Colton, Hanover

Mary Combs, Sanbornton

Maureen Comfort, Londonderry

Anne Commenator, Derry

Susan Compas, Manchester

Lucy Comstock-Gay, Concord

Joan Conde, Nashua

Jean Condon, Alstead

Cynthia Conley, Londonderry

Barbara Conley, Salem

Kathleen Connair, Claremont

Helen Connell, Somersworth

Suzanne Connell, Somersworth

Claire Connolly, Manchester

Marguerite Connors, Hampton

Elizabeth Connors, Portsmouth

Joan Connors, Portsmouth

Abigail Constantineau, Epping

Jean Constantineau, Newton

Laurelle Conte, Salem

Kimberly Cook, Hudson

Julia Cook, Portsmouth

Jennifer Cooke, Lyme

Linda Cooke, Nashua

Sarah Cooley, Concord

Linda Cooney, Sunapee

Linda Cooper, Fremont

Deborah Cooper, Dunbarton

Kelly Corbelle, Exeter

Kandi Corbett, Manchester

Rebecca Corliss, Windham

Katherine Cornell, Exeter

Melissa Correia, Manchester

Janna Corsetti, Bow

Pamela Costa, Nashua

Amy Costello, Dover

Janet Cote, Bristol

Doris Cote, Nashua

Carolyn Cottrell, Raymond

Joan Couhie, Weare

Sylvia Countway, Alton

Colleen Cournoyer, Concord

Rebecca Courser, Warner

Diane Coveny, New Hampton

Susan Covert, Hopkinton

Lynn Cowan, Hollis

Courtney Cox, Harrisville

Cecelia Crapser, Center Conway

Thea Crawford, Grantham

Martha Cronin, Concord

Barbara Crouse, Concord

Dorothea Crowley, Hampton

Constance Cuddemi, Henniker

Valerie Cunningham, Portsmouth

Donna Cushing, Newton

Andrea Cusson, Concord

Helen Custeau, Goffstown

Sarah Cutting, Alexandria

Susan Cyr, Londonderry

Julie Cyr, Portsmouth

Karen Czajkowski, Webster

Sheila Dahl, Peterborough

Candice Dale, Concord

Joyce Dales, Nottingham

Charlotte Daley, Bedford

Christina D'Allesandro, Manchester

Claudia Damon, Concord

Katherine D'Amours, Manchester

Genevieve Danielian, Goffstown

Marie Daniels, Bow

Amy Daniels, New Boston

Valerie Danielson, Bedford

Louise Dartnell, Bow

Irene Davidson, Exeter

Sasha Davidson, Portsmouth

Christine Davidson, Portsmouth

Jacqueline Davis, Auburn

Pamela Davis, Concord

Joann Davis, Gorham

Jennifer Davis, Greenfield

Rebecca Davis, Madbury

Regina Davis, Merrimack

Jessie Dawes, Peterborough

Cathy Dawson, Laconia

Christy Day, Amherst

Julia Day, Amherst

Eugenia Dean, Bedford

Lindsay Dearborn, Lebanon

Tanya Decato, Canterbury

Marilyn Decker, Stratham

Anne Decossy, Hanover

Velma Defreese, Portsmouth

Judith Defreitas, Manchester

Ruth Delaney, Keene

Carol Delaurier, Brookfield

Jo-Ann Delmastro, Manchester

Helen Deloge, Concord

Angela Delyani-Hart, Hollis

Ruth Demarest, Hanover

Kristin Demers, Boscawen

Rebecca Demers, Dover

Patricia Demers, Windham

Dawn Demers-Cowled, Greenfield

Elise Demichael, Milford

Diane Demick, Manchester

Gail Denemark, Amherst

Susan Denenberg, Portsmouth

Jeannine Denobile, Rochester

Kathy Depiero, Londonderry

Deborah Depippo, Concord

Ruth Depuy, Peterborough

Robin D'Eri, Nashua

Stephanie Derosier, Belmont

Marian Derossi, Manchester

Claudia Dery, Hancock

Kathleen Deschamps, Concord

Catherine Desfosses, Goffstown

Donna Desjardins, Rochester

Yvette Desmarais, Deering

Susan Desmet, Salem

Carol Despres, Marlow

Carol Destefano, Greenland

Christine Destrempes, Harrisville

Barbara Devaney, Merrimack

Linda Devere, Ossipee

Pam  Devine, Nashua

Aja Devork, Wolfeboro

Elizabeth Diamond, Exeter

Jean Diamond, Keene

Elizabeth Diamond, Exeter

Alison Dickey, Concord

Carolyn Dickey, Gilmanton

Rita Diclemente, Hollis

Mary Digregorio, Center Conway

Karen Dill, West Chesterfield

Charlotte Dilorenzo, Newmarket

Pamela Dinapoli, Manchester

Anita Dinitto, Exeter

Louise Dinuovo, Keene

Stacey Dionne, Weare

Elizabeth Dishong, Deering

Jeannie Dismukes, Newbury

Pamela Disney, Pittsfield

Julie Doane, Peterborough

Lori Dobbins, Dover

Cynthia Dobe, Concord

Regina Dobrowolski, Nashua

Sarah Doenmez, Dublin

Ellen Dokton, Weare

Sandra Dold, Merrimack

Jennifer Dolloff, Brookline

Ashley Dolloff, Nashua

Leona Dolloff, Hudson

Laurie Dolph, Lee

Christine Domingos, Hampton

Jennifer Donahue, Newmarket

Linda Donaldson-Guidi, Nashua

Laura Donehue, Londonderry

Jean Donovan, Derry

Kimberly Donovan, Franklin

Miren Doody, Stratham

Lana Doughty, Weare

Heidi Douglas, Concord

Lisa Douglas, Nashua

Megan Douglass, Concord

Joanne Dowdell, Portsmouth

Carol Downing, Concord

Darcy Doyle, Keene

Amy Doyle, Merrimack

Shirley Doyle, Somersworth

Elisabeth Draper, Claremont

Judith Draper, Jaffrey

Jacqueline Drever, Gilford

Carla Drew, Canterbury

Anne Drouin, Laconia

Donna Drouin, Walpole

Edwina Drummond, Center Ossipee

Suzanne Drysdale, Portsmouth

Lois Dube, Claremont

Jennifer Dubois, Peterborough

Arlene Duca, Atkinson

Dorothy Duckworth, Thornton

Priscilla Duffy, Dover

Joann Duffy, Goffstown

Mary Duffy, Somersworth

Cheryl Duffy, Conway

Diane Dugan, Bedford

Lois Dugan, Londonderry

Kyra Dulmage, Londonderry

Mimi Dumouchel, Bedford

Ellen Dunbar, Peterborough

Jill Duncan, Meredith

Dianne Duncan, Walpole

Cynthia Duncan, New Castle

Caroline Duncan, Walpole

Julie Dunfey, Hopkinton

Jeanette Dunfey, Portsmouth

Julie Dunfey, Rye

Eleanor Dunfey Freiburger, Manchester

Heather Dunford, Epsom

Madeleine Dunn, Auburn

Patricia Dunn, Jackson

Janet Dunn, Stratham

Sarah Dupeyron, Westmoreland

Nicole Dupuis, Stratham

Donna Dusell, Andover

Janice Dutton, Concord

Maureen Duvall, Hampton

Lila Dyas, Wilton

Katherine Dyrenforth, Chocorua

Katherine Easterly, Manchester

Aurore Eaton, Manchester

Joan Eaton, Springfield

Mary Eaves, Andover

Dorothy Eaves, Exeter

Lisa Eberhart, Hopkinton

Janet Ebsen, Manchester

Diane Eddy, Lee

Jane Edmiston, Brentwood

Indra Edmonds, Strafford

Susan Edwards, Hanover

Deborah Eibner, Grantham

Grace Eisenhaure, Merrimack

Catherine Ela, Concord

Hannelore Eldredge, Rye

Janet Eldridge, Somersworth

Denise Elkavich, Manchester

Suzanne Ellinwood, Concord

Shirley Elliott, Antrim

Jessica Ellis, Concord

Jacqueline Ellis, Portsmouth

Sophie Ellis, Durham

Sarah Ellsworth, Keene

Karlene Embler, Hancock

Anne Emerson, Canterbury

Nancy Emerson, Portsmouth

Laura Emmick, Manchester

Jeanne Emmick, Milford

Stephanie Engel, Manchester

Susan Engle, Stratham

Barbara Enright, Peterborough

Rose Eppard, Portsmouth

Pamela Erdmann, Peterborough

Judy Erickson, Concord

Kathryn Erskine, Manchester

Susan Ervin, Dover

Elizabeth Esmiol, Amherst

Lois Essex, Antrim

Christina Estes, Farmington

Alexandra Estin, Andover

Joan Ethier, Derry

Alice Evankow, Gorham

Claudia Everest, Amherst

Ann Ewalt, Dover

Barbara Ewell, Derry

Anna Exner, Goffstown

Jane Exner, Goffstown

Kim Fairbank, Wilton

Irene Fairclough, Concord

Patricia Fanning, E Hampstead

Vivian Fanton, Plymouth

Jennifer Farmer, Newmarket

Betsey Farnham, Exeter

Gail Farrington, Manchester

Karen Favorite, Brookline

Nancy Feeny, Chichester

Barbara Fegley, Ctr Barnstead

Alissa Feller, Newmarket

Karna Feltham, Laconia

Theresa Fenton, Nashua

Paula Ferenc, Rumney

Leah Ferenc, Rumney

Beth Fernald, Sharon

Julia Ferrarie, Ashuelot

Patricia Ferrell, Jaffrey

Elizabeth Ferrer-Quasli, Salem

Catherine Ferriero, Derry

Linda Ferris, Manchester

Polly Fife, Northfield

Donna Filion, Pittsfield

Patricia Findlen, Manchester

Kim Fine, West Chesterfield

Laura Fink, Londonderry

Barbara Finkeldey, Hanover

Roberta Finkelstein, Portsmouth

Linda Finkle, Hampton Falls

Elaine Finney, Concord

Elizabeth Finney, Concord

Susan Fischer, Amherst

Nancy Fisher, Concord

Theresa Fisher, Portsmouth

Siobhan Fitzgerald, Chichester

Jean Fitzgerald, Nashua

Terry Flaherty, Whitefield

Jane Flanders, Laconia

Teri Fleck, Wonalancet

Kathleen Fleming, Londonderry

Eileen Flockhart, Exeter

Jane Fluhr, Antrim

Louise Flynn, Goffstown

Janice Flynn, Hampton

Elizabeth Foemel, Nashua

Theresa Fogarty, Rollinsford

Maire Folan, Derry

Christine Foley, Concord

Jeanne Foltan, Bath

Juanita Fonseca, Exeter

Suzette Fonte, Hopkinton

Diane Fontneau-Ramos, Rochester

Louise Foote, Manchester

Judy Foote, Tilton

Catherine Forrest, Peterborough

Louise Forscher, Exeter

Kristine Fortier, Raymond

Marie-Anne Foss, Goffstown

Diane Foss, Wilton

Joanne Foulk, Lyme

Barbara Fournier, Concord

Dorothy Fowler, Sandown

Michele Foye, Tilton

Rebecca Frame, Bristol

Anne Franciosa, Belmont

Julie Frank, Dover

Elaine Frank, Newport

Sarah Franklin, Dublin

Marie Franklin, Kensington

Irene Franzen, Hooksett

June Frazer, Concord

Pamela Frederick, Brentwood

Barbara Freeman, Andover

Kerry Freeman, Laconia

Julia Freeman-Woolpert, Pembroke

Allison Friend-Gray, Nottingham

Cathy Frierson, Durham

Gertrude Frizzell, Derry

Wendy Frosh, Hampton

Barbara Fucarile, Londonderry

Meredith Funston, Hopkinton

Patricia Furano, Londonderry

Pamela Fusco, Nashua

Melanie Gabree, Bedford

Mary Gabrick, Laconia

Cynthia Gabrielli, Manchester

Beth Gabrielli, Concord

Ann Gaffney, Londonderry

Diane Gagnon, Barrington

Josilyn Gagnon, Durham

Stephanie Gagnon, Epsom

Sylvia Gale, Nashua

Lisa Galica, Manchester

Janice Gallagher, Bow

Janice Gallinger, Portsmouth

Jean Gallup, Pittsfield

Sara Gangai, Hampton

Claire Gannon, Campton

Barbara Gard, Antrim

Audrey Gardner, Hopkinton

Roberta Garfield, Plainfield

Patricia Garrison, Boscawen

Susan Garvan, Wolfeboro

Julie Garvin, New Boston

Ann Gatten, Portsmouth

Nina Gatzoulis, Dover

Andra Gawley, Nashua

Judith Geaghan, Salem

Leslie Geer, Walpole

Carol Gehlbach, Jaffrey

Frances Gehling, Londonderry

Susan Gehling, Londonderry

Katie Gehling, Londonderry

Nancy Geissenhainer, Madison

Dannielle Genovese, Kingston

Kathleen Gereghty, Meredith

Madgeline Gerlach, Pittsfield

Peggy Ghiloni, Londonderry

Patricia Gianotti, North Hampton

Margot Gibbs, Londonderry

Betsy Giberson, Warner

Edith Gieg, Hanover

Mary Giesbrandt, Bedford

Linda Gilbert, Concord

Daphne Gillispie, Merrimack

Maria Gilmartin, Amherst

Jeanne Gilmore, Concord

Karen Gilmore, Merrimack

Karen Gingrich, Gilford

Lorette Girard, Pembroke

Helena Gisonni, Manchester

Barbara Gitlin, Newton

Joan Glencross, Merrimack

Joan Glutting, Lee

Kristy Glynn, Hooksett

Teresa Gocha, Plymouth

Cathleen Godbout, Hooksett

Donna Godin, Gorham

Brenda Godwin, Andover

Sheana Goff, Gilford

Judith Goguen, Alexandria

Lynn Goldman, Windham

Joy Gombossy, Durham

Brandy Goodwin, Swanzey

Carol Gookin, Littleton

Ellen Gordon, Bartlett

Pamela Gordon, Londonderry

Lynda Gordon, N Woodstock

Nancy Gorr, Peterborough

Anne Gould, Bedford

Jane Gove, Gilmanton

Carol Gove, Temple

Heidi Grace, Manchester

Carol Grace, Merrimack

Vicki Grady, Hampton

Carole Grady, Rye

Ann H. Graf, Portsmouth

Sally Graf, Jaffrey

Debora Graham, Center Harbor

Colleen Graham, Concord

Linda Graham, Concord

Hilary Graham, Francestown

Gillian Graham, Wilton

Julie Grandgeorge, Goffstown

Alice Grandmont, Rindge

Noreen Grant, Litchfield

Jennifer Grant, Wolfeboro

Alyssa Grasso, Hampton

Isabel Grasso, Hampton

Maryellen Grasso, Hampton

Barbara Gravel, Wentworth

Evelyn Gray, Gilsum

Heather Gray, Goffstown

Nancy Greaney, Merrimack

Angela Greco, Manchester

Cathy Green, Dunbarton

Holly Green, Henniker

Jenny Greenleaf, Hampton

Lumina Greenway, Nelson

Christine Greenwood, New Ipswich

Martha Gregory, Marlborough

Hope Grenier, Charlestown

June Grevatt, Claremont

Regina Griffin, Laconia

Loretta Griffin, Rochester

Florence Griffin, Sanbornton

Kathryn Griffin, Winchester

Justine Griffin, Merrimack

Susan Griffith, Exeter

Ann Grobe, Plainfield

Jean Grogan, Exeter

Linda Gross, Derry

Marie Grossimon, Nashua

Nancy Grossman, Portsmouth

Gabriele Grossman, Exeter

Elizabeth Grosspeter, Allenstown

Betsy Guenther, Concord

Bonnie Guercio, Hollis

Karen Guetti, West Lebanon

Andrea Guidoboni, Milford

Lise Guillemette, Manchester

Sally Guilmette, East Kingston

Emily Gulick, Exeter

Catherine Hackett, Manchester

Robin Hackett, Portsmouth

Jennifer Hacking, North Conway

Betty Hackmann, New London

Carolyn Hackwell, Hopkinton

Catherine Hadley, Hopkinton

Kathleen Hagan, Durham

Tracy Hahn-Burkett, Bow

Frances Hakenson, Manchester

Marsha Hale, Derry

Jacquelyn Hall, Claremont

Francine Hall, Exeter

Sara Hall, Exeter

Sibylle Hall, Troy

Gilda Halpin, Center Ossipee

Joan Hamblet, Portsmouth

Ruth Hamblett, Nashua

Mary Hamer, Bedford

Doris Hamilton, Derry

Autumn Hamilton, Lancaster

Kimberly Hamilton, Londonderry

Rachel Hampe, Hopkinton

Susan Handwerker, Amherst

Patricia Haney, Manchester

Nancy Hanger, Auburn

Joan Hanley, Peterborough

Kate Hanna, Bedford

Elke Hanna, Westmoreland

Anna May Hanrahan, Manchester

Lianne Hansen, Concord

Eugenie Hansen, Exeter

Ann Hansen, Hampton

Helene Harbage, Francestown

Elizabeth Harding, Jackson

Pamela Hardy, Boscawen

Valerie Hardy, Litchfield

Angela Harford, Portsmouth

Jane Harland, Claremont

Terrie Harman, New Castle

Elaine G. Harp, Hanover

Judith Harper, Exeter

Shirley Harper, Rye

Susan Harrington, West Lebanon

Holly Harris, Durham

Susan Harris, Laconia

Bonnie Harris, Peterborough

Cynthia Harris, W Peterborough

Lorraine Harris, Plainfield

Marcia Harrison, Concord

Rebecca Hart, Nashua

Christi Hartford, Conway

June Hartford, Goffstown

Cecile Hartigan, Concord

Patricia Hartman, Hanover

Ardith Harvey, Hampton Falls

J Harvey, Manchester

Sally Hatch, Concord

Paula Hatem, Gilmanton Iron Works

Wendy Hatfield, Rochester

Debbie Hauri, Enfield

Lori Haverty, Alstead

Maria Havinga, Mont Vernon

Marie Hawkins, Alstead

Sallyann Hawko, Exeter

Christine Haydinger, Dunbarton

Marita Haynes, Portsmouth

Eve Hazen, Deerfield

Patricia Heard, Portsmouth

Susan Heckscher, Newmarket

Ruth Heden, Milford

Catherine Hefferan, Manchester

Cathy Heffernan, Manchester

Margery Heffron, Exeter

Ann Heflernon, Swanzey

Sally Helms, Concord

Jeannine Helveston, Rochester

Celeste Hemingson, Hopkinton

Lynn Hendrickson, Washington

Allison Henrich, Lebanon

Jeanne Henriquez, Litchfield

Cynthia Hensley, Amherst

Joan Henson, Exeter

Brenda Heon, Somersworth

Paula Herbert, Franconia

Sandra Herbert, Nashua

Mary Hermann, Bow

Pamela Herring, North Hampton

Ruth Herron, Bristol

Martha Herron, Concord

Marcia Herson, Bedford

Evangeline Hertell, Whitefield

Alicia Hervey, Durham

Carol Hess, New Boston

Elizabeth Hever, Nashua

Patricia Hey, Dalton

Catherine Hey, Concord

Joan Hickey, North Conway

Carol Higgins, Rochester

Holly Hildreth, Concord

Isabella Hill, Francestown

Florine Hilson, Portsmouth

Sharon Hilton, Somersworth

Melissa Hinebauch, Concord

Sandra Hines, Derry

Stacy Hinkley, Londonderry

Margaret Hirshberg, Concord

Frances Hoagland, Peterborough

Gail Hoar, Wilton

Lorraine Hobbs, Claremont

Kathleen Hoben, Manchester

Mary Hoben, Manchester

Meghan Hoben, Manchester

Lisa Hodgen, Wilton

Debra Hodges, Goffstown

Laura Hodgkins, Bow

Cathleen Hodson, Rye

Candance Hoene, Exeter

Ann Hoey, Bow

Katherine Hoffman, Peterborough

Jane Hoffman, Rye

Gerrianne Holdsworth, Bow

Gabriele Holland, Nottingham

Judith Holley, Hillsborough

Lisa Holmes, New Boston

Alice Holmstrom, Rollinsford

Mary Holt, Merrimack

Tia Maria Hooper, Henniker

Peggo Horstmann-Hodes, Concord

Jennifer Horton, Haverhill

Wilma Horton, Marlborough

Catherine Hosage-Norman, Nashua

Susan Houghton, Alton

Lia Houk, Henniker

Adrienne Hounsell, Rochester

Diane Howard, Keene

Susan Howard, Peterborough

Judith Howard, Portsmouth

Clare Howard, Rochester

Yvonne Howard, Bradford

Jayne Howe, Merrimack

Suzanne Huggard, Deering

Rosemarie Hughes-Smith, Concord

Ethel Hull, Canterbury

Rosalind Humes, Winchester

Denise Hunneyman, Salisbury

Tracey Hunt, Dover

Gena Hunt, Hudson

Jodi Huntington, Manchester

Marie Hurlbert, Winchester

Wendy Hurley, Rochester

Heather Hurtt, Portsmouth

Rebecca Hutchinson, Deerfield

Addie Hutchison, Amherst

Sarah Hutz, Dover

Elizabeth Ibbitson, Brentwood

June Iffland, Bow

Amy Ignatius, Concord

Sookjwa Ihm, Exeter

Donna Indelicato, Windham

Ingrid Inferrere, Manchester

Patricia Ingelstrom, Greenfield

Jean Ingwersen, Exeter

Crystal Islam, Londonderry

Patricia Jabre, Portsmouth

Nancy Jackson, Canterbury

Ann Jackson, Nashua

Vernis Jackson, Portsmouth

Nancy Jackson-Reno, Hopkinton

Claire Jacob, Manchester

Donna Jacobs, Nelson

Joan Jacobs, Portsmouth

Laura James, Sunapee

Tammy Jameson, Chichester

Elizabeth Janeway, Webster

Patricia Jarvi, Canterbury

Melissa Jasper, Dover

Sally Jasper, Hollis

Deborah Jayne, Hanover

Marcia Jebb, Portsmouth

Karen Jeffrey, Alton

Fae Jencks, Portsmouth

Joanne Jenks, Northfield

Barbara Jessick, Hampton

Cynthia Jewett, Roxbury

Rebecca Jodoin, Concord

Ulla Johnson, Amherst

Jean Johnson, Deering

Gail Johnson, Dover

Judith Johnson, Jackson

Joanne Johnson, Rochester

Margaret Johnson, Wonalancet

Cecilia Johnson, Wilmot

Stacy Johnson, Nashua

Diane Johnston, Pembroke

Jennifer Johnston, Pembroke

Laurie Johnston, Nashua

Susannah Jonas, Francestown

Shirley Jones, Concord

Marianne Jones, Concord

Barbara Jones, Keene

Beverly Jones, Laconia

Joan Jones, Milford

Amelia Jones, Portsmouth

Phyllis Jordan, Chichester

Katheren Jordan, Northfield

Julie Jortikka, Alton

Lynn Joslyn, Rye

Kristian Jovanovich, Lebanon

Germaine Joyce, Concord

Helen Joyce, Stratham

Katherine Judd, Derry

Mary Jutton, Moultonborough

Deborah Kaiser, Peterborough

Veronica Kamerman, Londonderry

Laurie Kandoll, Temple

Carol Kane, Derry

Mary Kane, Loudon

Nancy Kane, Concord

Deborah Kaplafka, Nashua

Sue Kaplan, Exeter

Lucy Karl, Hopkinton

Rebecca Karo, Durham

Dorothy Kasik, Portsmouth

Lee Kass, Amherst

Glenda Kaufman Kantor, Portsmouth

Jane Kaufmann, Durham

Caryn Kazmierczak, Dover

Laurel Keefe, Concord

Jessica Keefe, Effingham

Mary Keegan-Dayton, Bradford

Jane Kelley, Hampton

Kate A. Kelley, Strafford

Marilyn Fellows Kellogg, Kingston

Eileen Kelly, Bradford

Sara Kelly, Chichester

Irene Kelly, Chichester

Sally Kelly, Concord

Sarah Kelly, Concord

Jennifer Kelly, Walpole

Debra Kendall, Merrimack

Pamela Kenison, Concord

Carianna Keniston, Exeter

Gail Kennedy, Exeter

Grace Kennedy, Hudson

Theresa Kennett, N Conway

Nancy Kenney, Alstead

Kay Kenyon, Nashua

Laurie Kern, Croydon

Flora Kerr, Barnstead

Bonnie Young Kerr, Manchester

Kimberly Kerwin, Hancock

Erin Kerwin, Manchester

Jada Keye, Concord

Karen Kharitonov, Ctr Barnstead

Kathryn Kiernan, Bedford

Dorothy Kierstead, Portsmouth

Margareth Kieschnick, Dover

Kimberly Kiesman, North Conway

Dawn Kilcrease, Rindge

Priscilla Kimball, Concord

Gayle Kimball, Hopkinton

Mary Kimmel, Concord

Gerri King, Concord

Molly King, Gilford

Alice King, Rumney

Laurie Kinghorn, Amherst

Barbara Kingsbury, Hinsdale

Rebecca Kinhan, Concord

Debera Kinne, Concord

Jennifer Kinsey, Stratham

Deborah Kinson, Bow

Dawn Kipperman, Derry

Amy Kipphut, Concord

Sabrina Kirwan, Rochester

Janice Kitchen, Concord

Alana Kitching, Epsom

Penny Kittle, Conway

Lucia Kittredge, Hopkinton

Miriam Klass, Concord

Ella Klein, Bedford

Yolanda Klein, Windham

Jacqueline Kleiner, Concord

Stephanie Klemarczyk, Exeter

Eve Klotz, Effingham

Wilene Knight, Amherst

Carol Knight, Hillsborough

Meghan Knight, Hudson

Benita Knight, Merrimack

Laura Knowles, Concord

Lynn Knowles, Rye

Marianne Knowlton, Portsmouth

Barbara Koivula, Bennington

Joan Kojola, Madison

Shauna Kondrat, Conway

Eleanor Kostandin, Hampton

Laura Kozikowski, New Boston

Patricia Kraft, Concord

Nancy Kramer, Grantham

Heather Kramp, Bartlett

Anne Krantz, Amherst

Carol Krasin, Amherst

Maida Kreis, Dover

Deborah Kroner, North Hampton

Elaine Kulingoski, Nashua

Sarah Kurzon, Peterborough

Ann Kuster, Hopkinton

Sandra Kwiecien, Hampstead

Jane Labelle, Warner

Jane Lacasse, Concord

Kateri Lachance, New Boston

Laurie Lacoste, Hampton

Patricia Lacourse, Manchester

Mary Ladd, Concord

Misty Ladd, Concord

Stephanie Laflamme, Bedford

Sharon Laflamme, Fitzwilliam

Jennifer Lague, Derry

Anne Lakeman, Concord

Kristina Lakeman, Concord

Margaret Laker, Milford

Anne Lalish, Northwood

Laurie Lalish, Northwood

Kelly Lalonde, Bedford

Violet Lamarine, Manchester

Joanne Lambert, Kingston

Claire Lambert, Nashua

Virginia Lamberton, Loudon

Ann Lammers, Peterborough

Beatrice Lamoureux, Claremont

Nancy Lamoureux, Milton

Marie Landroche, Gilford

Patricia Lane, Ossipee

Cheryl Lang, Ossipee

Heidi Lang Moran, Newport

Linda Langille, New Ipswich

Alice Laporte-Fuller, Concord

Faith Laro, Concord

Tina Larochelle, Boscawen

Louise Larochelle, Manchester

Martha Larrabee, Lebanon

Maja Larson, Somersworth

Donna Larue, Merrimack

Francesca Lasala Cobb, Peterborough

Francesca Latawiec, Ctr Barnstead

Adine Latimore, Derry

Hannah Laue, Lee

Kimberley Laughner, Manchester

Suzanne Lavalla, Nashua

Muriel Lavalley, Concord

Elizabeth Lavigne, Newport

Phyllis Lavigne, Newport

Lynne Lavoie, Hudson

Angela Lawhorn, Nashua

Geraldine Layne, Nashua

Donna Leavell, Manchester

Karen Leavitt, Deerfield

Jessica Leavitt, Sunapee

Deborah Leavitt, Amherst

Pauline Leblanc, Manchester

Muriel Leblanc, New Ipswich

Robin Leblanc, Portsmouth

Dorothy Lebreton, Berlin

Karen Lebrun, Manchester

Martha Leclair, Plymouth

Joanne Lecount, Mason

Helen Lee, Concord

Rebecca Lee, Goffstown

Julie Lee, Londonderry

Lisa Lee, Freedom

Coretta Lee, Pelham

Veronique Legendre, Gorham

Maryann Lehman, Raymond

Susan Leidy, Concord

Elizabeth Lenehan, Concord

Patrice Lenzi, Barrington

Maryann Leon, Concord

Brenda Lett, Manchester

Adrienne Levesque, Nashua

Carol Levine, Hooksett

Caroline Levy, Hanover

Carol Lewis, Bedford

Susan Lewis, Keene

Jacqueline Lewis, Derry

Marie Lightizer, Newton

Nancy Lindsey, Laconia

Margie Lindsley, Concord

Tigest Lint, Merrimack

Lynn Lippitt, Milford

Sheila Lippman, Merrimack

Gloria Lipson, Peterborough

Ginny Litalien, Canterbury

Heidi Little, Sanbornton

Ann Littlefield, Sanbornton

Joanna Liu, Portsmouth

Maureen Loeffler, Bedford

Mary Loftis, Dublin

Bernadette Longbook, Hampstead

Nancy Longnecker, Hooksett

Emily Looser, Portsmouth

Caroline Lopardo, Weare

Julianne Lopez, Wolfeboro

Kathleen Lord, Concord

Lorraine Lordi, Londonderry

Linda Losier, Berlin

Hazel Loughery, Boscawen

Frances Lovejoy, Keene

Stephanie Lovell-Smith, Walpole

Jean Low, Rye

Carolyn Lucet, Eaton

Jeanne Ludt, Amherst

Margaret Ludt, Amherst

Elizabeth Lum, Cornish

Kristin Lundsted, Peterborough

Lois Lundsted, Rindge

Doreen Luscombe, Manchester

Barbara Lutes, Brentwood

Janet Lutkus, Bennington

Mary Lyman, Belmont

Gail Lynch, Manchester

Cynthia Lynch, Peterborough

Alison Lynch, Peterborough

Ruth Lyon, Loudon

Georgette Lyons, Pittsburg

Jessica Lyons, Exeter

Lisa Mabey, Hanover

Brenda Mac Lellan, Henniker

Lisa MacAllister, Jackson

Shari MacDonald, Merrimack

Elise MacDonald, New Ipswich

Suzi MacDonald, Rye

Meghan MacDonald, Derry

Mary Maciejewski, Manchester

Rosemary Mack, Dublin

Linda Mackay, Hanover

Weslie MacKenzie, Nelson

Eileen MacKey, Andover

Margaret Mackie-Ciancio, Derry

Sharon MacKinnon, Nottingham

Bonnie MacLean, Rochester

Nancy MacLeod, Wilmot

Susan MacNeil, Keene

Martha MacOmber, Holderness

Martha Madsen, Hopkinton

Dianna Maffucci, Pembroke

Jo-Ellen Magalnick, Concord

Marie Magoon, Bennington

Mary Maguire, Nashua

Susan Maher, Bow

Marilyn Mahoney, Goffstown

Carol Mahoney, Merrimack

Helen Mahoney, Goffstown

Katelynd Mahoney, Goffstown

Theresa Maier, Henniker

Karen Maineri, New Hampton

Marcia Makris, Portsmouth

Ruth Malcolm, Bartlett

Gail Malone, Laconia

Lauren Mann, Mason

Mia Manning-Osborn, Peterborough

Christine Manns, Barrington

Edna Manoleros, Nashua

Stephany Marchut Lavallee, Henniker

Julie Marden, Walpole

Marjorie Margolis, Sharon

Barbara Mariano, Laconia

Harmony Markey, Ashland

Kathryn Marquis, Manchester

Pamela Marrone, Concord

Betty Marshall, Barrington

Frances Marshall, Concord

Lucinda Marshall, Hampton

Darla Marshall, Manchester

Lindsay Martel, Goffstown

Mary Martel, Wilton

Karyl Martin, Belmont

Priscilla Martin, Francestown

Lori Martin, Litchfield

Suzanne Martin, Manchester

Amy Martin, Salem

Denise Martin, Exeter

Mandy Martin, Troy

Theresa Marts, Goffstown

Carolyn Marvin, Portsmouth

Kathleen Marx, Francestown

Jennifer Mason, Portsmouth

Amy Mason, Canterbury

Kendice Masse-Higginbottom, Fremont

Robyn Matheson, Exeter

Barbara Mathews, Deerfield

Grace Mattern, Northwood

Marjorie Matthews, Hanover

Gail Matthews, Wilmot

Mary Mattise, Amherst

Karen Mattor, Merrimack

Patricia Maxfield, Lebanon

Kathleen Maynard, Amherst

Candy Mayville, Concord

Lisa McAllister, Campton

Stacie McAuiliffe, Epping

Kathleen McAuley, Belmont

Judith McBriarty, Milford

Hilary McCann, Exeter

Anne McCann, Merrimack

Michelle McCarron, Hillsborough

Barbara McCarthy, Derry

Kathleen McCarthy, Kensington

Christine McCarthy, Sanbornton

Martha McCarthy, Sanbornville

Gloria McClenning, Keene

Jane McClung, Concord

Theresa McCoole, Hampton

Nanci McCrackin, Peterborough

Katherine McCrory, Hanover

Stephanie McCusker, Concord

Julia McCutcheon, Marlborough

Joann McDeed, Merrimack

Genella McDonald, Canterbury

Maureen McDonald, Manchester

Catherine McDowell, Randolph

Shaun McEachern, Portsmouth

Margaret McEachern, Rye

Summer McFarland, Nashua

Katelyn McGrail, Stratham

Melanie McGrail, Stratham

Celia McGuckian, Exeter

Vivian McGuire, Hudson

Beverly McKay, Nashua

Mary McKelvey, N Haverhill

Rita McKenzie, Concord

Patricia McKenzie, Hampton

Linda McKinley, Pelham

Jane McKinney, Londonderry

Lilla McLane-Bradley, Hanover

Dorothy McLaughlin, Hillsborough

Rebecca McLaughlin, Somersworth

Patti McLean, Merrimack

Nancy McMahon, Derry

Bridget McMahon, Keene

Carol McMahon, Wolfeboro

Linda McNair-Perry, Deerfield

Deborah McNally, Barrington

Maria McNaught, Merrimack

Valerie McQueeney, Rumney

Wendi McShane, Merrimack

Linda McVay, Portsmouth

Kathryn McWhirk, Richmond

Johanna Mead, Center Harbor

Alice Meattey, Dover

Rebecca Medeiros, Hudson

Kathleen Medvidofsky, Keene

Barbara Mendes, Exeter

Mary Menner, Bedford

Christina Mentus, Derry

Yvonne Mercier, Manchester

Mary Merkel, Nashua

Amanda Merrill, Durham

Robin Merrill, Merrimack

Priscilla Merrill, Northwood

Mary Merritt, Littleton

Catherine Merwin, Meredith

Alexandra Merwin, Meredith

Amy Metcalf, Hopkinton

Marie Metoyer, Manchester

Vanessa Metzger, Hampton

Patricia Meyers, Manchester

JoAnn  Meyers, Goffstown

Joyce Mickelonis, Rochester

Stephanie Micklon, Salem

Anne Middleton, Stratham

Alexandra Mihan, Derry

Joanne Milbury, Concord

Barbara Miles, Manchester

Genevieve Miller, Bedford

Beverly Miller, Exeter

Laura Miller, Hopkinton

Kathryn Miller, Meredith

Joanna Miller, Peterborough

Isabelle Miller, Portsmouth

Joelly Miller, Portsmouth

Katherine Miller, Portsmouth

Nadine Miller, Portsmouth

Kathryn Miller, Sanbornton

Deborah Millette, Northwood

Judith Milligan, Concord

Aimee Milliken, Madbury

Christine Mills, N Conway

Nanci Mills, Lee

Edith Milton, Francestown

Faith Minard, Bedford

Diane Minard, Plainfield

Sally Minkow, Laconia

Anna Minkow, Laconia

Paula Minnehan, Hopkinton

Carolyn Mitchell, Amherst

Wanda Mitchell, Barrington

Bonnie Mitchell, Jaffrey

Cheryl Mitchell, Manchester

Caryn Mitchell, Nashua

Jessie Mitchell, Rye

Stephanie Mitchell, Salem

Teresa Moler, Nashua

Mary-Grace Molloy, Keene

Elena Monastireva-Ansdell, Merrimack

Lynn Montana, Meredith

Geraldine Monti, Holderness

Marye Montplaisir, Manchester

Susan Mooney, Gilford

Linda Moore, Claremont

Carol Moore, Concord

Betsy Moore, Conway

Merrie Moore, Hopkinton

Stacy Moore, Portsmouth

Lisa Morais, Berlin

Nancy Morehardt, Milford

Annie Morel, Gilford

Kimberly Morgan, Moultonborough

Janis Moriarty, Gorham

Marilyn Morin, Manchester

Mary Morin, Raymond

Teresa Morris, Harrisville

Karen Morrison, Auburn

Michelle Morrison, Bedford

Cynthia Morrison, Concord

Cindy Morrison, Plaistow

Sara Morrow, Derry

Mary Ellen Morse, Stratham

Robin Mose, Hancock

Susan Moseley, Bow

Muriel Motard, Nashua

Deborah Mueller, Durham

Jill Mulligan, Gilford

Frances Mulroy, Goffstown

Kathleen Murdough, North Conway

Gayle Murphy, Concord

Jean Murphy, Moultonborough

Mariann Murphy, Wolfeboro

Cynthia Muse, Rye

Sheila Muse, Nashua

Victoria Myers, Madbury

Amy Nadeau-Justin, Derry

Joyce Nagle, Hanover

Emily Nash-Walker, Nashua

Claire Natola, Meredith

Kathleen Nearing, Lyndeborough

Erin Nearing, Richmond

Linda Neilson, Hinsdale

Susan Nellen, Andover

Lynda Nelson, Derry

Nathalie Nelson, Walpole

Sandra Neveu, Nashua

Betsey Neville, Deering

Lisa Neville, Francestown

Lillian Newcombe, Concord

Suzanne Newman, Concord

Betty Newton, Conway

Diane Nichols, Keene

Sharon Nichols, Portsmouth

Ellen Nielsen, Charlestown

Juanita Niemczyk, Hampton

Nicole Nijhuis, Nashua

Claire Nix, Keene

Marion Noble, Antrim

Mary Nocie, Warner

Kristin Noel, Chichester

Sarah Noll, Claremont

Elaine Nollett, New Castle

Kelly Nordstrom, New Boston

Nancy Normand, Concord

Dianna Normanton, Wilton

Barbara Norton, Center Conway

Gail Nostrom, Newmarket

Sonja Nostrom, Newmarket

Lucille Nowak, Rochester

Karen Oates, Amherst

Kathleen Obrien, Atkinson

Joan O'Brien, Barrington

Maureen O'Brien, Fitzwilliam

Helene O'Brien, Dover

Sue O'Brien, Merrimack

Carol O'Brien-Drake, Wilmot

Diane O'Callahan, North Hampton

Catherine O'Connor, Concord

Shannon O'Connor, Hillsborough

Maude Odgers, Peterborough

Kendra O'Donnell, Concord

Valerie O'Gilain, Manchester

Jill Olausson, Bartlett

Danielle O'Leary, Keene

Kathleen Oliver, Keene

Anita Oliveria, Marlborough

Karina Olson, Durham

Dorthea O'Neil, Weare

Olympia Oneill, Derry

Kay Oppenheimer, Strafford

Judy Orme, Peterborough

Michelle Orourke, Bedford

Karen O'Rourke, Manchester

Susan Orr, Hooksett

Julie Osherson, Nelson

Jean O'Sullivan, Bartlett

Linda Ottavi, Brookline

Bettyann Ouellette, Laconia

Debra Pabst, Franklin

Jennifer Pacheco, North Hampton

Katharine Paine, Durham

Sharon Palisi, Gilford

Jane Palmer, North Hampton

Janice Palumbo, North Conway

Caroline Paquette, Wolfeboro

Elissa Paquette, Wolfeboro

Nita Pare, Goffstown

Kristi Parker, Amherst

Marjorie Parker, Concord

Bonnie Parker, Hanover

Leslie Parker, New Castle

Heather Parkinson, Franklin

Amy Parkinson, Pembroke

Alison Parodi-Bieling, Epsom

Janice Parrinello, Merrimack

Catherine Partridge, Gilford

Claire Partridge, Sanbornville

Susan Paschell, Bow

Martha Pasquali, Laconia

Barbara Ann Paster, Exeter

Susanne Paterson, Manchester

Eileen Patterson, Newton

Kimberly Patterson, Marlborough

Lenore Patton, Hampton

Margaret Paul, Amherst

Elyse Paul, Dover

Jessica Payeur, Londonderry

Gail Pearson, Rochester

Rebecca Pearson, Walpole

Susan Pease, Bedford

Patricia Pedersen, Litchfield

Louise Pedrick, Thornton

Susan Pedro, Concord

Christine Pelland, Durham

Mary Pendelton, Temple

Lori Pepler, Wilton

Paula Perez, Merrimack

Trisha Perin, Hampton

Kathryn Perkins, Concord

Bertha Perkins, Nashua

Betty Perreault, Berlin

Gloria Perrin, Keene

Frances Perron, Walpole

Rachel Perry, Sanbornton

Barbara Perry, West Lebanon

Marilyn Peterman, Amherst

Casey Peters, Cornish

Theresa Peters, Laconia

Amanda Peterson, North Hampton

Barbara Peterson, North Hampton

Lynette Petrie, Laconia

Amy Philbrick, Barrington

Donna Philbrick, Sullivan

Cynthia Phillips, Goshen

Alicia Phillips, Stratham

Stephanie Philp, Greenland

Pamela Phipps, Hanover

Joan Phipps, Hillsborough

Mickey Pieterse, Wilton

Ann Pike, Merrimack

Alison Pike, Stratham

Donna Pinckney, Gilford

Robin Pinto, Hanover

Rebecca Pirelli, Milford

Patricia Place, Francestown

Claire Plamondon, Claremont

Patricia Plante, Hinsdale

Denise Plante, Nashua

Bernadette Plante, Nashua

Mary Platt, Concord

Leah Platt, Pelham

Marisela Platt, Piermont

Ann-Maureen Pliska, Rindge

Claire Plomaritis, Pelham

Sherry Poirier, Canaan

Margaret Pokorny, Jaffrey

Janet Polasky, Portsmouth

Kimberly Ponders, Brookline

Jeanine Poole, Concord

Lucica Pop, Manchester

Ruth-Ellen Post, Windham

Sharyn Potter, Rye

Corinne Potvin, Manchester

Shana Potvin, Manchester

Nancy Poulin, Bow

Barbara Pressly, Nashua

Katherine Preston, Ctr Barnstead

Janet Prevatt, Strafford

A Priestly, Alexandria

Karen Primiano, Hancock

Kari Primiano, Hancock

Janet Prince, New Castle

Karen Prior, Exeter

Marian Prout, Hampton

Geraldine Prusko, Gilmanton

Irene Puccio, Manchester

Mary Purgiel, Dover

Sheila Queenan, Hudson

Cindy Quetti, Hampton

Simone Quiet, Manchester

Diana Quimby, Keene

Anjali Quinn, Exeter

Brenda Quinn, Hopkinton

Patricia Radwan, Merrimack

Barbara Rafferty, Concord

Lynn Rainsley, Rochester

Connie Rakowsky, Henniker

Sarah Ramsay, Exeter

Susan Ramsay, Hudson

Lindsay Randall, Rochester

Jennifer Randolph, Hanover

Lisa Ransom, Concord

Tina Rapp, Sharon

Jessica Raspa, Rollinsford

Mary Rauh, New Castle

Bonnie Rauscher, Weare

June Rawlings, Chesterfield

Barbara Ray, Conway

Donna Raycraft, Concord

Prudence Read, Jaffrey

Delma Reagan, Salisbury

Ida Reardon, Seabrook

Jillian Record, Hooksett

Caitlyn Reddington, Exeter

Sandra Redlands-Poland, Cornish

Kate Reed, Hampton Falls

Judith Reever, Laconia

Teresa Reeves, Peterborough

Ella Regan, Gilmanton

Shawn Regnier, Littleton

Amanda Regnier, Littleton

Ann-Britt Reilley, Portsmouth

Geraldine Reinhardt, Derry

Joan Reische, Manchester

Patricia Remick, Portsmouth

Ann Remus, Bedford

Trudy Renfors, Salisbury

Julie-Ann Rennie, Barrington

Deidre Reynolds, Nashua

Melanie Rhoades, Dover

Margaret Rice, North Hampton

Kathleen Richards, Keene

Dorothy Richards, Litchfield

Hilary Richardson, Keene

Bettyanne Richardson, Tilton

Doris Richmond, Peterborough

Elizabeth Richter, Chester

Simone Rigden, Merrimack

Caroline Riggs, Hanover

Denise Riley, Concord

Babette Rittmeyer, Concord

Buffi Robbins, Hampton

Norma Roberts, Exeter

Lenore Robertson, Tuftonboro

Caroline Robinson, Stratham

Noel Rocha, Merrimack

Cheryl Rocheleau, Bartlett

Linda Rockenmacher, Bedford

Lisa Rockenmacher, Exeter

Paula Rockwell, Rindge

Linda Rod, Jefferson

Elizabeth Rodd, Bradford

Linda Roeder, Belmont

Lynne Rollins-Garvey, Concord

Marlene Rolph, Warren

Rita Roper, Hudson

Lucinda Rosenwald, Nashua

Clara Ross, Dover

Roberta Rossi, Bedford

Judith Rothemund, Laconia

Donna Rousseau, Exeter

Patricia Row, Peterborough

Patricia Rowe, Portsmouth

Cherri Rowell, Belmont

Susan Rowley, Bath

Gaye Roy, Berlin

Anastasia Roy, Canterbury

Ellen Roy, Manchester

Lois Rudolph, Newmarket

Mary Ruedig, Concord

Megan Ruggiero, Merrimack

Rosemarie Rung, Merrimack

Jennifer Runyon, Peterborough

June Russell, Hanover

Caroline Russell, Meredith

Laurie Russell, Merrimack

Raelene Rust, Keene

Betty Sabean, Candia

Crystal Sabine, Hinsdale

Robyn Sabine, Pelham

Tara Sad, Walpole

Catherine Sage, Peterborough

Nancy Sagon, Amherst

Cheryl Samans, Kensington

Ralitsa Samardelis, Windham

Donna Sanantonio, Brookfield

Mary Sanborn, Grantham

Airelynn Sanborn, Grantham

Jane Sander, Rye

Katherine Sandoz, Manchester

Lisa Sands, Concord

Mieko Sano, Milford

Jamie Santiago, Spofford

Marcia Santore, Plymouth

Valerie Sargent, Gilmanton Iron Works

Diana Sargent, Manchester

Carol Saufley, Rochester

Veronica Savage, Manchester

Susan Saviteer, Hopkinton

Nancy Sawyer, Amherst

Jolene Sawyer, Milford

Shelley Saylor, Charlestown

Jennifer Saylor, Charlestown

Eugenie Scagel, Wilton

Linda Scanlon, Merrimack

Lynn Schad, Cornish

Diane Schaefer, Portsmouth

Terri Schaeffer, Andover

Carol Schapira, Hopkinton

Mary Scheer, Nashua

Donna Schlachman, Exeter

Nancy Schofield, Concord

Janet Schofield, Portsmouth

Patricia Scholz-Cohen, New Castle

Jennifer Schongalla, Sanbornton

Missie Schroeder, Bedford

Barbara Schweigert, Hancock

Kathleen Sciaba, Peterborough

Stephanie Seacord, Newfields

Laura Sebert, Peterborough

Constance Seery, Portsmouth

Lisa Segal-Bator, Bow

Elaine Seibel, Hill

Brenda Sens, Gilmanton

Ruth Sessions, Hudson

Janice Severance, Concord

Patricia Severino, Pike

Karen Sevier, Berlin

Nanette Shahmehri, Greenville

Seidner Shaina, Pembroke

Anne Shapiro, Nashua

Isabel Sharp, Litchfield

Sara Shattuck, Bristol

Keri Shaw, Hudson

Nora Shaw, Marlborough

Marcie Shearman, Portsmouth

Audrey Sheats, Gilford

Nancy Sheeler, Lebanon

Ophelia Sheen, Derry

Joyce Sheffield, Durham

Aisling Sheil, Manchester

Ellen Shemitz, Concord

Sarah Sherman, Durham

Joan Sherman, Merrimack

Sally Sherrard, Littleton

Sheryl Shirley, Holderness

Elizabeth Shirley, Nashua

Wende Shoer, Concord

Tara Shore, Laconia

Denise Short, Exeter

Catherine Short, Lee

Cris Shuldiner, Pelham

Elizabeth Shultis, Portsmouth

Kathleen Shumway-Pitt, Laconia

Karen Shutt, Manchester

Lindley Shutz, Concord

Melissa Silvey, Rochester

Rena Simard, Gilmanton

Deborah Simbalist, Effingham

Priscilla Simm, Hillsborough

Deborah Simonelli, Seabrook

Elizabeth Simpkin, Manchester

Lisa Sims, Middleton

Lorraine Sinclair, Manchester

Kerri Singh, Exeter

Maria Singleton, Hill

Susan Sirviris, Dover

Katherine Sisk, Sunapee

Sylvia Sivret, Claremont

Carla Skinder, Cornish

Kathryn Skoglund, Amherst

Jeanne Slater, Londonderry

Julie Slattery, Pelham

Lynne Slocum, Wolfeboro

Diane Smaracko, Rollinsford

Emily Smith, Alstead

Patricia Smith, Alton

Wanda Smith, E Andover

Kathy Smith, Boscawen

Nancy Smith, Concord

Denise Smith, Danville

Laurie Smith, Dover

Gail Smith, Holderness

Anne Smith, Hopkinton

Christine Smith, Jefferson

Martha Smith, Lincoln

Sherri Smith, Londonderry

Victoria Smith, Lyme

Deborah Smith, Manchester

Rose Smith, Moultonborough

Bonnie Smith, Northfield

Edna Smith, Rochester

Melody Smith, Rochester

Lynne Snierson, Salem

Marguerite Snyder, Littleton

Valerie Sobel, Portsmouth

Anna Sodemann, Plainfield

Beth Soederberg, Bedford

Christine Sohl, Durham

Jennifer Soldati, Somersworth

Andrea Solomon, Manchester

Diana Sommer, West Chesterfield

Harriet Sorensen, Peterborough

Lori Southwick, Northfield

Concepcion Spaulding, Manchester

Patricia Spear, Exeter

Louise Spencer, Concord

Sharon Spivak, Nashua

Doris Spurr, Rochester

Amy St George, Peterborough

Lisa St Hilaire, Londonderry

Isabelle Stache, Manchester

Judith Stadtman, Portsmouth

Karen Stancik, Harts Location

Roberta Stanley, Conway

Denise Stanley, Sunapee

Marian Stanton, Concord

Stella Stanulonis, Nashua

Nan Stearns, Amherst

Michelle Steiner, Stratham

Arveda Stepanian, Londonderry

Kimberly Stephen, Manchester

Linda Stephenson, Canterbury

Shirley Stephenson, Lyndeborough

Hannah Stephenson, Peterborough

Melissa Stephenson, Peterborough

Ilene Stern, Canterbury

Jeanne Stern, New Castle

Evangelia Stevens, Hanover

Suzanne Stevens, Keene

Barbara Stewart, Epsom

Heather Stewart, Lancaster

Rosemary Stewart, Wakefield

Pnina Stisser, Manchester

Margaret Stockman, Concord

Elizabeth Storm, Portsmouth

Kimberly Story, Exeter

Judith Stout, Hancock

Cara Strachan, Rye

Mary Stratton, Rindge

Elizabeth Strauss, Windham

Debra Strickland, Peterborough

Natalia Strong, Bow

Naureen Stubbs, Tilton

Uma Subramony, Nashua

Christine Sullivan, Rye

Alane Sullivan, Rye

Susan Sundell, Salem

Paula Super, Merrimack

Linda Surowiec, Sanbornton

Donna Swain, Laconia

Donna Swanson, Durham

Kristin Sweeney, Nashua

Barbara Sweet, Chichester

Carol Swiech, New Boston

Patricia Swonger, Merrimack

Nancy Szeto, Claremont

Riana Szymkiewicz, Newbury

Denise Tager, Londonderry

Jessica Tanguay, Hooksett

Sarah Tardiff, Dublin

Megan Taylor, Dover

Bonnie Taylor, Kingston

Margaret Tebbetts, Portsmouth

M Terry, Deering

Elizabeth Terry, Concord

Elizabeth Terry, Stratham

Mary Terwiske, Newmarket

Lori-Ann Tessier, Peterborough

Robin Thebodeau, Dublin

April Theroux, Merrimack

Ilene Therrien, Merrimack

Erin Thesing, Hopkinton

Susan Thielen, Keene

Angelika Thomas, Concord

Laura Thomas, Keene

Janie Thomas, Pelham

Elizabeth Thomas, Peterborough

Betty Thomas, Weare

Carolyn Thomas, Portsmouth

Barbara Thompson, Bethlehem

Mary Thompson, Hampstead

Barbara Thompson, West Lebanon

Bonnie Thompson, Newmarket

Jill Thorson, Croydon

Stacy Thrall, Londonderry

Pamela Tiberia, Hampton

Elaine Tidd, Kingston

Trisha Tidd, Kingston

Leanne Tigert, Concord

Trili Timm, Chichester

Melissa Tobey, Exeter

Jenny Tobler, Hampton

Livia Tolstrup, East Kingston

Irene Tomkinson, North Hampton

Grace Tomlinson, Atkinson

Sibylle Tornow, Merrimack

Jennifer Torok, Dover

Geraldine Tower, Moultonborough

Stephanie Towle, Dover

Sandra Townsend, Manchester

Patricia Townsend, Merrimack

Jane Tracey, Jaffrey

Marguerite Trachier, Hanover

Carolyn Tracy, Concord

Pauline Trainor, Derry

Nancy Travers, Concord

Dorothy Treisner, Meredith

Jessica Tremblay, Bedford

Bertha Trently, Stratham

Suzanne Trice, Concord

Michele Trisciani, Allenstown

Cornelia Trombly, Concord

Laura Trowbridge, Peterborough

Wendy True, Epping

Joanne Tulonen, Springfield

Margaret Turcotte, Peterborough

Margaret Turcotte, Nashua

Daniela Turczyk Cooper, Manchester

Linda Turnage, Sanbornton

Mary-Sue Tuuri, Concord

Caitlin Twomey, Chichester

Colleen Twomey, Chichester

Gillian Tyler, Lyme

Hope Ullman, Wolfeboro

Darlene Underhill, Exeter

Debra Underwood, Claremont

Elsie Vaccaro, Nashua

Bonnie Vadala, Newmarket

Angela Vaillancourt, Laconia

Dale Valena, Durham

Inge Valentine, Rochester

Marcia Vallier, Wilton

Martha Van Oot, Concord

Autumn Van Sice, Concord

Melanie Van Steensburg, Londonderry

Pamela Vanarsdale, Bedford

Amy Vandersall, Hampton

Claudette Varney, Belmont

Susanne Veal, Rochester

Susanne Veazey, Belmont

Tonya Victoria, Epping

Virginia Virgil, Rumney

Elsa Voelcker, Antrim

Amy Vorenberg, Concord

Judith Wagner, Gilmanton

Ilse Wahle, Concord

Cynthia Wahrlich, Claremont

Heather Walker-White, Concord

Laurie Wallace, Claremont

Elaine Wallace, Londonderry

Alice Wallace, Manchester

Edith Walsh, Newport

Kathy Walsh, Newport

Margaret Walsh, Peterborough

Kathryn Wantuck, Manchester

Betty Ward, Concord

Janet Ward, Hopkinton

Cynthea Warman, Hopkinton

Merrie Warner, Rye

Nancy Warren, Rochester

Donna Warren, Salem

Lissa Warren, Salem

Marylucille Washington, Hanover

Vanessa L. Washington-Johnson, Manchester

Wendy Wass, Derry

Lauren Waswo, Hanover

Linda Waterhouse, Manchester

Kay Watman, Londonderry

Deborah Watrous, Concord

Allyn Way-Daly, New Boston

Anne Weakly, Concord

Karen Weaver, Gilford

Carole Webber, Antrim

Kathleen Weber, Candia

Roxanne Weber, Hudson

Lucy Weber, Walpole

Joan Weddle, Amherst

Margaret Wedge, Manchester

Christine Weed, Concord

Natalie Weeks, Belmont

Diane Wells, Laconia

Prudence Wells, Mason

Joyce Welton, New Boston

Priscilla Wentworth, Raymond

Ronna Werner, Rye

Susan Wessels, Rindge

Janet Wesson, Springfield

Reverend Doctor Mary Westfall, Lee

Tina Whalen, Concord

Melissa Whelan, Bow

Sandra Whippie, Keene

Joan Whitcomb, Exeter

Wendy White, Dublin

Mary Whitehead, Pembroke

Tommye Whittaker, Concord

Maureen Whittemore, Alexandria

Sharon Whitten, Berlin

Nancy Wibben, Troy

Yvonne Wiegelman, Hillsborough

Candice Wiggum, Marlow

Patricia Wilczynski, Concord

Laurie Wilder, Hooksett

Elizabeth Wilder, Windham

Jennifer Wiley, Madison

Kathleen Willard, Nashua

Marie Williams, Claremont

Lana Williams, Center Conway

Helen Williams, Derry

Rachel Williams, Dover

Claudette Williams, Merrimack

Janice Williams, Stratham

Ann Williamson, Concord

Kathleen Williamson, Weare

Kathleen Wilson, Bartlett

Martha Wilson, Dover

Anne Wilson, Hanover

Kathryn Wilson, Keene

June Winey, Peterborough

Susan Wingate, Rumney

Frances Winneg, Bedford

Ronna Wise, Hopkinton

Deborah Wiswell, Concord

Sharon Witaszek, Hopkinton

Lanea Witkus, Newport

Carolanne Wong, Concord

Erin Woo, Bethlehem

Sherry Wood, Rye

Karen Woodbury, Cornish

Elizabeth Woodbury, Manchester

Caroline Woods, Derry

Amy Woods, Manchester

Barbara Wotherspoon, Newton

Ursula Wright, Portsmouth

Janice Wright-Dialessi, Keene

Candace Wyman, Alton Bay

Mary Yazbek, Milford

Elinor Yeaton, Concord

Candace Yost, Somersworth

Corina Young, Claremont

Joan Young, Concord

Virginia Young, Epping

Sarah Young, Hanover

Catherine Young, Nashua

Sherry Young, Rochester

Jayne Young, Strafford

Cynthia Young, Exeter

Charlotte Younger, Woodsville

Michelle Young-Hampe, Tilton

Mei Yu, Gilford

Laura Zahn, Bow

Annette Zamarchi, Concord

Margaret Zanger, Walpole

Lucyann Zeller, Canterbury

Hazel Zimmer, Laconia

Debra Zimmermann, Gilford

Diane Zito, Bedford

Peggy Zola, Londonderry

Heidi Zollman, Strafford

Claire Zopf, Concord

Laurie Zwaan, Exeter

Jean Zwirble, Merrimack