PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America


December 10, 2007


Josh Earnest

Tommy Vietor

6 More Democratic County Chairs Back Obama

Local Democratic Leaders from Northern and Central Iowa Praise Obama’s Character and Leadership

DES MOINES – The Obama Campaign today announced 6 more Democratic County Chairs have endorsed Senator Obama’s campaign to challenge the conventional thinking in Washington, D.C. and truly transform our country.  These local Democratic leaders across the state will reach out to Democrats in their county and discuss Barack Obama’s ability to bring America together and bring change to Washington, D.C.

 “As a Democratic Party Chair, I care deeply about my party’s success in the next Presidential election.”  Story County Democratic Chair Jan Bauer said.  “I support Barack Obama because his bipartisan appeal and ability to build consensus will be vital to tackling the tough challenges Americans face.  Barack inspires unity and hope, and these characteristics make me confident he is the candidate best equipped to win in the general election.”

“Senator Obama is the only candidate for president who can move us past the divisive politics that have failed us in Washington decades,” said Hancock County Democratic Chair Gloria Goll.  “He has made a career of listening to both sides of an argument and finding a common solution that both sides can agree on.  I support Barack Obama’s run for the presidency because he sees that our similarities are greater than our differences, and that makes him a candidate who can deliver change all Americans can believe in.”

“I am supporting Barack Obama’s campaign to be president because his willingness to take a stand opposing the war shows that he can make the right decisions when no one else can. His willingness to take on Washington lobbyists and give the government back to the American people, well, that's what I've been looking for,” said Franklin County Democratic Chairman Vernon Harper.  “I could support any Democrat running for president, but Barack Obama is by far the most electable.”

Democratic County Chairs from across the state will play a vital role in Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign.  Active in their local communities, these county chairs will provide advice and support to the Obama Campaign as they continue to build Obama’s grassroots movement for change.

“Barack Obama said that he was running for President to challenge conventional thinking in Washington, D.C., and one way he’s already done so is by running an open and honest campaign,” Boone County Democratic Chair Rebecca Lyon said.  “Barack Obama is in this race to talk about the issues that people in and across Iowa deal with in their everyday lives, not negative campaign tactics.  I support Barack Obama because I’m confident he’ll run the White House in the same open and honest way he has run his campaign.”

 “Senator Obama knows that the Democratic nominees need to focus on solving people’s problems, not on creating false attacks and calculated decisions,” said John Ralls of Winnebago County Democratic Chair.  “The American people need a president who has integrity and an ability to bring people together.  Americans need Barack Obama.”

“I am proud to be supporting Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for president,” Terry Kocher, Humboldt County Democratic Chair said.  “Like so many people I have been waiting for a candidate that can unite our nation, regardless of political party.  We have hungered for that person who turns away from the politics of division and strives to lead by the values of hope and inclusion.”

“These Democratic leaders will play an instrumental role in helping us grow our grassroots organization in communities across Iowa,” Senator Obama said.  “We’re proud to have their support and help in our movement for change in Washington, D.C.”