PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America


December 12, 2007


Josh Earnest

Tommy Vietor

4 More Democratic County Chairs Back Obama

Appanoose, Benton, Lucas and Monroe County Chairs Tout Their Support for Senator Obama

DES MOINES – The Obama Campaign today announced that 4 more Democratic County Chairs have endorsed Senator Obama’s campaign to challenge the conventional thinking in Washington, D.C. and truly transform our country.  These local Democratic leaders from Appanoose, Benton, Lucas, and Monroe counties will reach out to Democrats in their county and discuss Barack Obama’s ability to bring America together and bring change to Washington, D.C.

“Barack Obama and I share the same vision and hope for the future of our country,” Ron Donald, Benton County Democratic Committee Chair said.  “I want to support a candidate who will inspire us to rise above the petty partisan bickering and finally make progress on the real issues my family and my county face, and Barack Obama is that candidate.”

“After decades of partisan politics that haven’t produced results that look out for average Americans, it is time for a leader who can inspire trust and unify Americans again,” said Lucas County Democratic Chair Buzz Malone. “Barack Obama has proved that he respects the Iowa caucus process and gained our trust by talking to real Iowans about the issues that matter to them most, and I know this is the sort of respect and trust that he will bring to the White House.”

“Senator Obama’s Iowa campaign has proved the most respectful, considerate and inclusive of any I have seen in many years in this state.  This is of course a reflection of Barack, who is the most thoughtful and genuine candidate in a generation,” Jim Jameson, Appanoose County Democratic Chair. “When Senator Obama is president, the voices of all Americans will be heard in the White House.  His vision to bring us together and move past failed Washington politics will enable him to bring about the change we demand as a nation.”

“I am supporting Senator Obama because America is tired of the divisive politics that have failed us in Washington,” said Joe Judge, Monroe County Democratic Chair.  “When it comes to bringing people together to find solutions, Barack Obama is the most talented and experienced candidate in the race. We need a president that recognizes our similarities are greater than our differences, Barack Obama would be that president and that makes him a candidate who can deliver change all Americans can believe in.”

Democratic County Chairs from across the state will play a vital role in Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign.  Active in their local communities, these county chairs will provide advice and support to the Obama Campaign as they continue to build Obama’s grassroots movement for change.

“I’m thankful to have the support of these community leaders ready for change in Washington, D.C.,” Senator Obama said.  “With the help of these dedicated Democrats, we will strengthen our grassroots movement for change and transform our country.”