PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
Dec. 18, 2007

Renowned Filmmaker Ken Burns Endorses Obama 

Cites Obama’s positive vision for change, says he was turned off by recent negative attacks

MANCHESTER, NH—Nationally acclaimed documentarian and Walpole resident Ken Burns endorsed Senator Barack Obama’s presidential bid today.  Burns, who had planned to stay neutral in the race, said that recent attacks against Obama prompted him to declare his support and cemented his belief that Obama is the only candidate in the race who can put an end to the “slash-and-burn character attacks” that have prevented progress on the challenges we face.

“I had intended to remain neutral throughout the New Hampshire primary process, but find I can no longer do so. Recent events compel me to declare my support for and to endorse Senator Barack Obama for President. I do so for several reasons. At a time when the political winds were pushing this country into an unnecessary and unwise war, Barack Obama had the judgment—and the political and moral courage—to oppose it. At a time when our politics has descended into cynical, slash-and-burn character attacks, Barack Obama has steadfastly presented a positive, unironic, agenda for this country. When others find themselves mired in the consequences of their past actions, and spend their time arguing the past, he is presenting a vision of the future, a vision that is not only possible but essential to our survival as a great nation.

“We, as a nation, are at a crossroads. We need a president who is authentic, who points us to that future, and a leader who calls upon each and every one of us to heed the ‘better angels of our nature’ and not our basest fears. Barack Obama will be that kind of president. It is time for a real change.”

Burns has been making films for more than twenty years and is widely respected as one of the leading artistic and historiographical voices in the country.  His documentaries include, among many others, The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, and most recently, The War.





December 18, 2007

Contact: Reid Cherlin