PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America


December 19, 2007


Josh Earnest

Tommy Vietor

Six More Democratic County Chairs Endorse Barack Obama for President

20 Democratic County Chairs Now Backing Barack Obama

DES MOINES – The Obama Campaign today announced the endorsements from six more Democratic County Chairs, bringing the total to 20 Democratic county chairs who have backed Senator Obama for president. These local Democratic leaders from Audubon, Greene, Guthrie, Iowa, Sioux and Van Buren counties will help build the grassroots movement in support of Obama’s unique ability to unite our country and bring about change we can believe in.

“Our country needs a President who will build consensus and bring people together,” said Bob Nelson, Audubon County Democratic Chair.  “And that starts with a campaign that’s open, honest, and positive.  From the way Barack Obama runs his campaign in Iowa, it’s clear to me that he is the best candidate to bring America the much needed change we need.”

“While others may provoke negativity, the Obama campaign remains focused on its commitment to the grassroots movement that builds upon our strengths, unites us, and inspires hope,” said Greene County Democratic Chair Nicole Friess-Schilling said.  “Great leaders inspire us to be greater people, and that is why I am supporting Barack Obama for president.”

“When Barack Obama came to Guthrie County, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike came out to hear his message of hope,” said John Cramer, Guthrie County Democratic Chair.  “Americans need a candidate that will unite people if we want to get anything accomplished in Washington, D.C.  Americans need Barack Obama.”

“Democrats need a candidate who is ready to fight the special interests and work for everyday Americans,” Iowa County Democratic Chair Steve Hanson said.  “Barack Obama’s refusal to accept PAC and federal lobbyist money show he’s running a different kind of campaign, and will run a different kind of White House.  His commitment to reclaiming the American Dream can become a reality with his unique ability to work across the aisle and accomplish true change.  Barack Obama gives me and my community hope, and he is the best candidate to bring our country together and bring the change America so desperately needs.”

“It is time for a president who has shown political courage in opposing the Iraq War, and who has worked across party lines to achieve ethics reform,” said Carl Vandermeulen, Sioux County Democratic Chair. “Senator Obama is a man of integrity who will clean up Washington, D.C. and restore our trust in the presidency again.”

“Senator Obama is the one Democratic candidate who can bring our country together with his message of hope and unity,” said Steve Prickett, Van Buren County Democratic Chair. “A strong leader with the vision to move us past the failed partisan politics of Washington, D.C., Barack Obama will restore America’s standing in the world and bring about change we can believe in.”

Democratic County Chairs from across the state will play a vital role in Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign.  Active in their local communities, these county chairs will provide advice and support to the Obama campaign as they continue to build Obama’s grassroots movement for change.

“To have the support of these community leaders is invaluable to our grassroots organization,” said Senator Obama.  “This grassroots movement that will not only help us succeed on caucus night, but also it will propel us forward to bring about change we can believe in.”

The 20 Democratic County Chairs who back Barack Obama include:

Jim Jameson—Appanoose County Democratic Chair

Bob Nelson—Audubon County Democratic Chair

Ron Donald—Benton County Democratic Chair

Becky Lyon—Boone County Democratic Chair

Howard “Butch” Heisterkamp—Carroll County Democratic Chair

Vern Harper—Franklin County Democratic Chair

Brian Kingsolver—Fremont County Democratic Chair

Nicole Friess-Schilling—Greene County Democratic Chair

John Cramer—Guthrie County Democratic Chair

Gloria Goll—Hancock County Democratic Chair

Terry Kocker—Humboldt County Democratic Chair

Steve Hanson—Iowa County Democratic Chair

Buzz Malone—Lucas County Democratic Chair

Joe Judge—Monroe County Democratic Chair

Dennis Cole—Page County Democratic Chair

Chuck Wredt—Pott County Democratic Chair

Carl Vandermeulen—Sioux County Democratic Chair

Jan Bauer – Story County Democratic Chair

Steve Prickett—Van Buren County Democratic Chair

John Ralls—Winnebago County Democratic Chair