PRESS RELEASE from Colorado Campaign for Change
September 6, 2008

Obama Campaign Announces Colorado Latino Advisory Council

DENVER, CO - Today, the Obama Campaign announced the formation of its Colorado Latino Advisory Council, highlighting the continued growth of support Senator Obama is receiving in the Latino community statewide. The advisory council is made up of key labor, community and faith leaders and elected officials from across the state, who will advise the campaign on issues important to the Latino community, as well as play an active role engaging and mobilizing Latino voters in their local communities.

"I am honored to have the support of these leaders that have dedicated their lives to advancing opportunity - not just for Latinos; but for all Americans. They've all fought tirelessly for an economy that rewards work and the workers who create it, a quality education for our children, access to affordable health care, civil rights and voting rights," said Senator Obama. "With their counsel and support, we will continue building our movement for change in every community in Colorado and across the country."

"Latino voters will play a pivotal role in the November election, and our job is to ensure we are communicating Senator Obama's message to this key community," said National Council Chair, Federico Peña. "The members of the advisory council bring a breadth of knowledge, experience, leadership, and action to mobilizing Latinos here in Colorado. Over the next two months, we will be out talking about the contrast between Senator Obama's commitment to changing the direction of our country and putting in place an economic plan that works for America's middle class families and McCain's plan to continue the failed Bush economic policies of the last eight years."

Former State Senator Polly Baca said, "Senator Obama represents the kind of leadership that will fight for America's working families and will help create opportunities to empower our communities across America at this critical moment in history."

"As the Latino community continues to get to know Senator Obama, it is clear that he is the right candidate for our issues and is the best candidate to deliver the change that America desperately needs," said State Senator Abel Tapia. "Senator Obama not only understands the struggles and diversity of our community but because of his personal history and background he will stand with us and be a fighter for our issues."

Basil Sabbah, Chairman of the Board of Solera National Bank, said, "He will create jobs here in America, lower taxes on the middle class, reform our education system, and ensure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care. I look forward to continuing to work to elect Senator Obama as the next President of the United States."

Colorado Latino Advisory Council Members: