received from Obama for America Sept. 19, 2008

Barack Obama will meet with his top economic advisors this morning in Florida to discuss his plan to stabilize the financial system and turn the economy around. They’ll finalize Obama’s plan to call for the passage of a Homeowner and Financial Support Act that would establish a more stable and permanent solution to the crisis. 

Senator Joe Biden will participate by phone.
Robert Rubin-Former Treasury Secretary (1995-1999)
Gene Sperling-Former National Economic Advisor for President Bill Clinton (1997-2001)
Lawrence Summers-Former Treasury Secretary (1999-2001)
Laura Tyson-Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors (1993-1995), Former National Economic Advisor for President Bill Clinton (1995-1997)
Paul Volcker-Former Chairman, U.S. Federal Reserve (1979-1987)
The following advisors will participate by phone
Warren Buffett-Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
William Daley-Former Commerce Secretary (1997-2000)
Paul O’Neill- Former Treasury Secretary (2001-2002)
Joseph Stiglitz- Former Chairman, CEA (1995-1997)

Ed. Note (9/26/08):  The campaign also confirms these economic advisors, reported here earlier: