Obama for America

"Florida Voter Protection Update"
1 min. 13 sec. YouTube video from Oct. 7, 2008.


Hi.  I'm David.  I'm the voter protection coordinator for Barack Obama's Florida Campaign for Change, and I'm here today with a voter protection update for you.

We'd like to alert you to some false rumors about voting in Florida that are making their way around some e-mail groups.

The first rumor is that you can't vote unless the address you're voting from is on your driver's license when you go to vote.  That rumor is false.  The election officials will only check your photo and your signature on your ID when you vote.

The second rumor is that you can't wear your Obama button or T-shirt when you go into vote.  That rumor is also false.  A voter can wear a campaign button or T-shirt while voting.  Only campaign workers and officials can't within a hundred feet of the polling place.

So please check with us before you send out any voting rumors.  And if you hear a rumor that isn't here yet please send it to us first at vote@floridaforchange.com.