Ohio Democratic Party
Obama for America

TO: Interested Parties
Fr: Aaron Pickrell, Obama for America State Director; Doug Kelly, Executive Director, Ohio Democratic Party
RE: Unprecedented cooperation between the Obama campaign and the Ohio Democratic Party
DATE: June 25, 2008

In the few short weeks since Barack Obama secured the Democratic nomination for President, the Obama for America campaign (OFA) and the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) have moved quickly to combine their operations in a way that will win elections at all levels in Ohio.

This unprecedented cooperation between the Obama operation and the State Party is becoming a model for other states of how to win. For example:

• Obama's "Campaign for Change" is headquartered within the Ohio Democratic Party's Columbus office, improving communication and planning.
• Key State Party staff have moved to the Campaign for Change Team, both at the Columbus HQ and in the field across the state.
• The appropriate bank accounts were established days after Obama became the presumptive nominee.
• The technology infrastructure - voter files, phones, connectivity, networking, and more - are now scaled to meet peak election demands.

Ohio Democratic Party's Early Investments Paved Way to Easy Integration of Campaigns
This seamless integration was facilitated by the early and strategic investments made by the Ohio Democratic Party over the past 18 months to build an infrastructure that wins elections at all levels. These investments include recruiting more than 4,000 neighborhood-based volunteer canvassers who are now going door-to-door; $250,000 in polling, modeling, and micro-targeting to better understand Ohio voters; 515 trainings to date of activists, operatives, and elected officials all across Ohio; and early election protection efforts that have recruited a network of volunteer lawyers in each of Ohio's 88 counties.

Priorities for the Months Ahead
The months of July and August are perhaps the most crucial months of the campaign. Ohio is the key to victory for McCain and the Republicans. Without it, they lose. It's that simple. If we can sufficiently grow our combined operations during these summer months, then not only will Ohio go for Obama, but he'll also pick up four new Democratic U.S. House seats to give him a strong governing majority to pass his bold agenda. And

To make sure we have victories at all levels in November, below are a few of our priorities:

Recruiting 10,000 more volunteer canvassers: Ohio has 11,500 precincts. By September 1st, we want every precinct covered by at least one volunteer, and "heavied up" with multiple canvassers in our most important precincts.
Additional polling to further understand Ohio's voters: Better data about voters' issues and value preferences mean canvassers have more effective conversations at the door, that mail and phones are more precisely targeted, and that paid resources are being more effectively spent.
Aggressive voter registration drives and knocking doors: This election will be won by neighbors talking to their neighbors and bringing as many new voters into the process as possible. It is crucial that this work is done now on a statewide scale.

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