MEMO from the Ohio Democratic Party

November 2008

FR:  Chris Redfern, Chairman; Doug Kelly, Executive Director
RE:  Historic Democratic Victories in Ohio and How We Did It

For the past two years, the Ohio Democratic Party (ODP) focused on building an election-winning infrastructure to help elect Democrats at all levels in 2008. Our approach was simple: build it early, build it big, and build it from the ground up.

And when ODP combined with Senator Obama’s Campaign for Change (CFC), our joint efforts became super-charged. Here’s a brief recap of Tuesday’s historic top-to-bottom Democratic victories in Ohio and how we pulled off these stunning wins.

Barack Obama Wins Ohio – and the Presidency

At Least Two New Democrats Elected to Congress

Democrats Recapture Ohio House of Representatives

Democrats Retain Attorney General’s Office

How We Did It: Some Mind-Bending Metrics

We won Ohio at all levels because the Ohio Democratic Party, Senator Obama’s Campaign for Change, and our coordinated campaign partners worked together in an unprecedented manner. Here is what we accomplished as of November 3rd: