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November 2, 2006--Congressman Steve Chabot's (R) campaign headquarters are at 3341 Harrison Avenue in Cincinnati.  Chabot, who represents Ohio's 1st district, was first elected to Congress in 1994 after serving as a Hamilton County Commissioner and a member of Cincinnati City Council.  Challenging Chabot is Cincinnati City Councilman John Cranley (D), whose campaign headquarters is at 3621 Harrison Avenue.  Cranley ran against Chabot in 2000 and obtained 53 percent of the vote.  

This is a competitive seat that Democrats have some hopes of picking up.  Through October 18 Cranley reported receipts of $1,854,266 compared to $2,323,791 for Chabot.  Additionally the respective party committees made independent expenditures of $1,272,018 for Cranley and $1,531,554 for Chabot.  The Chabot campaign seemed to have a much more visible presence in the district in terms of signs, and the quantity of literature in its headquarters. 

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