Received from IowaGOP Communications on May 23, 2006
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

Flip flops on ethanol, pandering to Iowa caucus voters

“Sen. Hillary Clinton’s announcement today of her new found support of ethanol and renewable fuels is nothing short of transparent pandering to curry favor with Iowa voters.  She has long record of voting against ethanol but with an eye on 2008, Sen. Clinton is now conveniently in support of it.  Iowans remember her anti-ethanol past and are looking for strong leaders who won’t run from their record and change positions whenever it’s politically expedient.”

-Cullen Sheehan, Executive Director Of The Republican Party Of Iowa

Sen. Clinton Supports Ethanol Today…

“She also called for a massive expansion of ethanol, a corn-based fuel additive and substitute, which is currently only available at a small percentage of gas stations in the United States.   Ethanol is popular in corn-producing states, especially Iowa, which holds the first caucus of the presidential primary.” (Devlin Barrett, “Sen. Clinton: Add Ethanol, Cut Foreign Oil By 50 Percent,” The Associated Press, 5/23/06)

…But in 2004, Sen. Clinton was an Opponent of Ethanol

“During A Question-And-Answer Session, She Was Challenged On An Issue Certain To Come Up Again In Iowa If She Does Decide To Run For President: Her Outspoken Opposition To Legislation That Would Double The Use Of Ethanol As A Gasoline Additive.  She Was Momentarily Stumped By A Question As To Why She Opposed The Ethanol Mandate, But Then Said She Was Concerned That It Would Raise Gasoline Prices For Her Constituents.” (Philip Brasher, “Clinton Talks With D.M.-Area Leaders,” The Des Moines Register, 6/11/04)



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