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Just doesn’t understand that he is not in tune to Iowa voter

DES MOINES – John Edwards is in Iowa this weekend attempting to launch another Presidential bid despite his failed 2004 Presidential campaign.  Iowans didn’t think his liberal voting record and empty rhetoric was in line with their values in 2004 and things haven’t changed in two years.

“John Edwards has consistently shown that he does not truly care about Iowa values,” said Republican Party of Iowa Executive Director Cullen Sheehan.  “He has shown a total disregard for the economy and farmers of Iowa with his flip flop on a meatpacking ban as well as supporting restrictions on pork and beef producers.”

“In 2004 Iowans did not think that John Edwards represented their values and four years later, I’m sure they will feel the same," concluded Sheehan.

John Edwards’ Voting Record

Edwards Supported Country Of Origin Labeling. (John Edwards For President, “Edwards Calls For Immediate Implementation Of Country Of Origin Labeling Rules,” Press Release, 7/15/03)

National Cattleman’s Beef Association And National Pork Producers Council Are Against Mandatory Country Of Origin Labeling. (“Cattlemen’s Capitol Concerns,” National Cattleman’s Beef Association Website,, 2/26/04; National Pork Producers Council “MCOOL And Pork Producers: Where Are The Benefits?” Press Release, 6/20/03)

Edwards Twice Voted Against Ban On Meatpacker Ownership Of Livestock. (S. 1731, CQ Vote #23: Motion Rejected 46-53: R 36-13; D 10-39; I 0-1, 2/12/02, Edwards Voted Yea; S. 1731, CQ Vote #367: Adopted 51-46: R 11-37; D 39-9; I 1-0, 12/13/01, Edwards Voted Nay)

Edwards’ Vote Drew Criticism From Iowa Hog Farmers. “‘We need to take [Edwards] to task on [voting against meatpacking ban],’ said Larry Ginter, a Rhodes, IA., hog farmer.” (Philip Brasher, “Edwards’ Votes Draw Iowa Farmers’ Scrutiny,” The Des Moines Register, 2/17/03)

Packer Bans Gathered Support From Iowa Farm Bureau And Campaign For Family Farms. (Jerry Perkins, “Grassley To Push Livestock Rule Again,” The Des Moines Register, 12/5/02)

Later, Edwards Said He Would “Push For A Ban On Packer Ownership Of Livestock And Eliminate Subsidies For ‘Very Wealthy’ Corporate Farmers.” (“Where The Democratic Presidential Candidates Stand On The Issues,” The Associated Press, 2/8/04)


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