New Hampshire Republican Party June 14, 2006

Statement by NH GOP Chairman Wayne Semprini on Vilsack Visit to NH

CONCORD, N.H. – New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Wayne Semprini today released the following statement in response to Governor Vilsack’s visit to the Granite State.

“Once again, the Democrats are hosting a Presidential hopeful who likes to portray himself as a moderate Democrat. I can’t help but wonder if he agrees with the radical decision the State Democrats made last week in calling for President Bush’s impeachment. Further more we still haven’t heard from our Governor as to whether he agrees with the decision of his party to pursue such actions. So, I will ask again, does Governor Lynch support his party’s decision to call for the impeachment of the President?”

Poll shows Governor Vilsack’s own state rejects him as a potential nominee:


John Edwards - 30%

Hillary Clinton - 26%

John Kerry - 12%

Tom Vilsack - 10%

Tom Daschle - 3%

Russ Feingold - 3%

Mark Warner - 3%

Evan Bayh - 2%

Wesley Clark - 2%

None / Other - 3%

Not Sure - 6%

Source: Iowa Poll of 399 likely Democratic Caucus Participants in 2008
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