PRESS RELEASE from David Koch

New Campaign For America    
Written by David Koch
July 04, 2006

Small business owner and web entrepreneur David A. Koch today announced his independent candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. "This is a different kind of campaign," Koch said. "This is a campaign of ideas and alternatives, of and about ordinary Americans, and putting the entrenched parties that have become complacent in their service to the American people on notice that America is ready for something new: Truth and Honesty in politics."

Speaking from his home, outside of Salt Lake City, Koch said, "It's time for something new; it's time for someone different. Someone outside the current system. Someone with fresh and good ideas. Someone not afraid to call it like it is, someone not swayed by the power, someone who is not part of the machine. It's time for the people to take their rightful place back in the way this country is run. And it's time for the American people to get straight talk from the people they elect."

In a daring move, Koch, who considers himself a moderate conservative, selected a running mate who is far more liberal than himself, Ken Goldstein of Los Gatos, California. Goldstein, a self-employed consultant and writer, calls this move, "proof that Dave Koch is serious when he says he wants to create a dialogue that includes all Americans."

According to Koch, "This is one of the most important and profound components of our campaign - Ken and I are on opposite sides on many issues. While we may not always agree, we respect and listen to each other's ideas. When you listen, a common ground can be crafted and a fair balance achieved. In contrast to the current monolithic parties that are dead-set in their antiquated ideologies, we welcome opposing viewpoints, and incorporate it into our process. We know that in the real world, there are FAR more than just the two viewpoints offered by the two major parties. "

Koch continues, "Which is not to say that Ken and I do not have common ground; we do. We both feel there is a strong need to end the gridlock, name-calling, and partisan bickering that has prevented Americans from coming together in recent years; we want people to be proud of their government again. We will call for a comprehensive energy policy involving both conservation and more self-reliance. We agree on ending complacency and arrogance and replacing it with true leadership."

For Goldstein, the coalition of ideas represents the main reason he agreed to enter the campaign. "Americans are not apathetic about their country. I believe that the reason voter turnout is so embarrassingly low is the lack of representation. By demonstrating how all points-of-view can be respectfully listened to, and included in decision making, we hope to enliven a sleepy electorate."

When asked if he was concerned about siphoning votes away from the major parties, Goldstein said, "We are not looking for voters who are happy with the major parties. We are looking for voters who are tired of choosing the lesser of two evils. We are looking for those citizens who haven't found a reason to even go to the polls in recent years. Our aim is to bring new voters in, not simply re-divide those who are already involved."

Koch concluded his statement, saying, "We want to shake things up, and make people think about a new way of doing things. We feel it's time to listen to real people, and bring them and their thoughts back into the leadership of this country. I know I have been looking for a candidate who listened to me for a long time. Rather than give up, I have decided to be that candidate."

Both candidates, who have been friends for over thirty years, are 44 years-old. Koch has been married for 16 years. He and his wife, Lisa, have a five-year-old daughter, Victoria. Goldstein has been married to his wife, Leslie, for ten years. This is Koch's first campaign for public office. Goldstein ran for Mayor of Sacramento, California, in 1996.

The nascent campaign already has on online presence which can be reached at

Contact: Committee To Elect David Koch President - P.O. Box 8727 - Midvale, UT 84047-8727.

Basic Platform  
Written by David Koch
July 08, 2006

As Ken and I work out in-depth positions on major issues, I thought it might be a good idea to let our supporters know where we stand on some major issues. It is important for us to let you know what our basic philosophies are, and hopefully this will give you some idea where we are coming from.

We are for more citizen involvement in Federal Government

We believe in more accountability to the public from all levels of Federal Government

We want to enforce fiscal responsibility at all levels for the Federal Government

We are for limiting Federal intrusions into the private affairs of citizens

We want to initiate a drive to make the US energy independent in ten years

We maintain True Energy Independence requires development of renewable energy sources and Conservation measures

We support a strong, well-trained and equipped military

We believe in straight talk, not politicalese

We believe that all sides of an issue can contribute to an equitable solution

We vow to impartially examine the cause, effects and solutions to Global Warming

We believe in personal liberties, and the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness

We feel the exercise of personal liberties also requires personal responsibilities

We believe in reducing bureaucracy and cutting spending in government

We believe in eliminating our national debt as a first priority in peacetime

We will fight for campaign reform, campaign funding reform, and truth in political campaigns

We believe changes in the electoral system are required for fair elections in which a multitude of voices can be heard

We would create a cabinet of experts in their fields, not partisan Yes-men (the quality of one¹s character, not the color of their politics)

We believe in a protected United States Border combined with Immigration reform and a secure Guest Worker program

We believe that the best way to protect our Southern border is to help Mexico achieve stable economic growth for both countries, and their citizens.

We will NOT sit on the sidelines and let anything like Darfur or Rwanda happen while we are in office

We oppose hypocrisy in Government, in whatever fashion, or for whatever cause

We beleive in ecouraging and supporting the arts including full funding for PBS and the NEA