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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Clinton tops field among Democrats

America's next president must be a leader.

America's next president must be a healer.

America's next president must be an agent of genuine change.

When New Hampshire Democrats and nonaligned voters planning to vote in the Democratic primary go to the polls next month, we urge them to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The voters of New Hampshire are getting ready to play the role in American politics of which they are rightly proud. They will soon choose among the candidates of the two major parties.

They have been wide open primary campaigns, rated by some as the most exciting primaries since 1952.

New Hampshire is the beginning for some and the end for others.

Few elections for president in the past half century have been as important as the one in which Americans will choose in 2008 an election in which the path of our country will be determined for years to come.

The American people are divided divided not as much among themselves as they are divided from their government.

America needs a president who will close the gap that separates them from an institution that has become distant; someone who will restore the confidence of the American people and renew their place of respect in the world community.

After weeks of interviewing candidates of similar, varied and divergent views, we have concluded Hillary Clinton, among Democrats, is the best qualified to lead the United States as its next president.

The field has been impressive, but it was Hillary Clinton who really impressed us as someone who is ready to lead someone who is ready to be a consensus builder, not just in working with Republicans as well as Democrats and the nonaligned, but someone who is ready to heal the wounds we have had to suffer.

Experience and a real desire to serve are what has drawn us to Hillary Clinton's quest for the Democratic nomination for president.

There are many people who have run for president because they wanted to be president a long way from wanting to serve as president; a long way from serving the people and their country.

Hillary Clinton has ability; she has experience; and she has desire. Is she ambitious? Yes, she is. But since when has ambition in reaching out to serve the people been a flaw in one's character?

She knows what has to be done to repair the schism that has been cleaved between the United States and its traditional allies. She knows diplomacy is the first and most desirable means of settling international disputes, just as she knows domestic differences are best resolved by people who work hard to reach common ground.

People familiar with these pages know there are issues on which we disagree with Sen. Clinton. But does that make her any less appealing as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president? Of course not certainly not in such a society and such a world as we live today. We will explore those difference in the weeks ahead, just as we will explore the specific issues on which we agree and have led us to this endorsement today.

I will stand up for you every single day, Sen. Clinton wrote in one of her recent campaign mailings. We expect no less of her.

Tomorrow: Our choice among the candidates for the Republican nomination for president.

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