Iowa State Daily

Monday, December 3, 2007

McCain for Republicans

We endorse Sen. John McCain for the 2008 presidential Republican Party nomination.

From his hard-nosed immigration policies to his never-surrender mentality in Iraq, McCain has proven to be a leader among his fellow contenders and a knowledgeable force concerning foreign policy. Along with his progressive solutions to today's energy fiasco and his fiscal responsibility, McCain stands on a platform not of partisanship, but of patriotism - one that stands for a better America.

McCain served in Vietnam for six years - most of which were spent as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. He first went to Washington in 1983 as a U.S. representative from Arizona. Four years later, he was elected a U.S. senator, a position he still holds. Since his election, McCain has been a supporter of the war in Iraq and the Geneva Conventions.

Even with the ongoing controversy over waterboarding and other forms of torture, McCain has proven himself to be an expert voice among his peers by continually denouncing torture, as defined in the 1949 Geneva Conventions, while most of his fellow candidates dance around the question. He has even voiced opposition to the Bush administration and fellow Republicans.

On Iraq, McCain has supported the troop surge resulting in fewer deaths and has presented new ideas for the counterinsurgency plan. He has never made impossible claims of immediate mass withdrawal and agrees with staying to finish the mission of bringing democracy and peace to Iraq.

On the home front, McCain supports a cleaner America. He recognizes global climate change as a serious threat and believes a strong economy is fueled by a strong environment. He supports nuclear energy as a viable way to satisfy the country's growing dependency on fossil fuels while cutting carbon emissions.

Fiscally, McCain believes the federal government is too large and the American people are taxed too much. This translates to a stance against universal health care, but an emphasis on providing financial relief for those who are insured. In response to the massive drain known as Social Security, he believes in partial privatization to restore stability for future generations. It's their money - let them have it.

It's easy to point out that McCain is not leading the polls, but he shouldn't be forgotten. What he lacks in percentage points, he has in experience. And while that may not guarantee a party nomination, it proves he has the qualities needed to be the next president of the United States.

Copyright © 2007  Iowa State Daily Publication Board, Inc..  All rights reserved.  Reprinted by permission (Pat Shaver 12/11/07 phone conversation).  See also the paper's endorsement of Sen. Obama.

Seven people on the editorial staff comprise the editorial board, which meets twice a week.  At the suggestion of the paper's editorial advisor they went through the endorsement process with the intention of backing a Democrat and a Republican.  During a meeting in mid-November, before Thanksgiving, members of the ed. board reviewed information they had printed out on the various candidates and narrowed the choice down to three Republicans and three Democrats.

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