Political parties frame the debate, recruit candidates, and raise money.  The Democratic and Republican parties dominate American politics and are organized at the national, state, and local levels.  Other parties are struggling to gain a foothold.  Over the past decade in many states, an increasing percentage of the
electorate has chosen to remain unaffiliated.
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2006 Edition
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National Committees .
Republican National Committee
Chairman Ken Mehlman >>, 1
Co-chair Jo Ann Davidson (OH) 
Democratic National Committee
Chairman Howard Dean >>
Republican Governors Association
Chairman Mitt Romney (MA) >>
Vice Chairman Sonny Perdue (GA)
Democratic Governors' Association
Chairman Bill Richardson (NM) >>
National Republican Congressional Committee
Chairman Tom Reynolds (NY-26) >>
...........................................................contribs | expends
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Chairman Rahm Emanuel (IL-5) >>
................................................................contribs | expends
National Republican Senatorial Committee
Chairman Elizabeth Dole (NC) >>
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Chairman Charles E. Schumer (NY) >>
State Parties .
Links to Republican State Parties
Republicans Abroad
Link to Democratic State Parties
Democrats Abroad
Allied Organizations .
Republican State Leadership Committee
Section 527 organization: RLCC, RAGA, RLGA

Republican Mayors and Local Officials
President - Mayor Patrick McCrory

National Conference of Republican County Officials
President - Marilyn Byers (Loudonville, OH) 2004-05

National Federation of Republican Women
President - Dianne Thompson (TX)  ...from Jan. 1, '04; Beverly Davis (UT) ...from Jan. 1, '06

College Republican National Committee
Chairman - Paul Gourley (SD) (elected June 2005)

Young Republican National Federation
Chair - Nicolee Ambrose (MD)

Republican National Hispanic Assembly
Chairman - Pedro Celis (WA) (elected June 2005); Exec. Dir. - Bettina Inclán

National Black Republican Association
Chair - Frances Rice

Nat'l Fed. of the Grand Order of Pachyderm Clubs, Inc.
President - Joe Briggs (Great Falls, MT)

Republican National Lawyers Association
Chairman - Robert J. Horn (Patton Boggs LLP); Exec. Dir. - Michael B. Thielen

International Republican Institute
President - Lorne Craner (since August 2, 2004)

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
Chair - Colorado Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald (since Dec. 2004)

National Conference of Democratic Mayors
Chairman - Douglas Palmer (Trenton, NJ)

National Democratic County Officials
President - Ron Sims

National Federation of Democratic Women
President - Barbara Mansfield (LA)

College Democrats of America
President - Grant Woodard (IA) (elected 2004, re-elected 2005)

Young Democrats of America
President - Chris Gallaway (KS)  2003-2005

Democratic GAIN
Grassroots Action Institute and Network--training, recruitment, and network

Grassroots Democrats
Section 527 organization focused on funding state party operations

National Democratic Institute for Int'l Affairs
President - Kenneth Wollack (since March 1993)


Ideas and Ideology .
National Federation of Republican Assemblies
conservative Republican group.  President - Richard Engle

Ripon Society
to promote moderate Republican principles. 

Republican Main Street Partnership
a voice for centrist Republicans.  President - Congressman Mike Castle; Exec. Dir. - Sarah Chamberlain Resnick

Bull Moose Republicans
promoting inclusion in the Republican Party and American politics.   Four Pillars: Civic Responsibility, Government Accountability, Economic Opportunity, and Support for New Americans. 

Republican Liberty Caucus
represents the G.O.P's libertarian tradition.  Chairman - William Westmiller 

Republican Leadership Council
emphasizes economic issues and inclusiveness over a narrow moral agenda

Democratic Leadership Council
New Democrats.  Founder and CEO - Al From; President - Bruce Reed

New Democrat Network
the political action arm of the New Democrat movement.  President and Founder - Simon Rosenberg 

Americans for Democratic Action
independent liberal political organization.  President - Jim McDermott; Nat'l Director - Amy Isaacs

Progressive Democrats of America
to work within the general framework of the Democratic Party and with sister organizations to create a new, democratic, grassroots-based, nationally federated organization.  Nat'l Director - Tim Carpenter

2020 Democrats
develop a vision that extends beyond the priorities of the immediate election cycle.  Co-Directors - Josh Green and Jorge Miranda

Democratic Freedom Caucus

Democracy Alliance

Constituencies .
Republican Jewish Coalition
voice of Jewish Republicans.  Chairman - Sam Fox;  Exec. Dir. - Matthew Brooks 

Log Cabin Republicans
organization of Republicans who support fairness, freedom, and equality for gay and lesbian Americans.  President - Patrick C. Guerriero

The WISH List
raises funds for Republican pro-choice women candidates.  President - Pat Carpenter

Republican National Coalition for Life
works to ensure adoption of the pro-life plank in the Republican platform.  Exec. Dir. - Colleen Parro 

Republicans for Choice PAC
seeks to remove the anti-choice plank in the Republican platform.  Founder and Chairman - Ann E.W. Stone

Republican Majority for Choice
(formerly Republican Pro-Choice Coalition) seeks to get abortion out of politics.  Exec. Dir. - Kellie Rose Ferguson

Republicans for Environmental Protection
environmental conscience of the GOP.  President - Martha Marks (NM)

Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy
promoting fair, community-based solutions to environmental challenges.  President - Italia Federici

National Assembly of Irish American Republicans

Indian American Republican Council

National Jewish Democratic Council
promoting Jewish values in the Democratic Party.  Exec. Dir. - Ira Forman 

National Stonewall Democrats
federation which links clubs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Democrats.  Exec. Dir. - Eric Stern

EMILY's List
electing pro-choice Democratic women candidates.  President - Ellen R. Malcolm

Democrats for Life of America
elect pro-life Democrats to office and support pro-life Democrats.  President - Janet Robert; Exec. Dir. - Kristen Day

Indigenous Democratic Network
dedicated to electing Native American men and women to office across America.  President - Kalyn Free (OK)

Irish American Democrats
a Political Action Committee providing support to Democratic candidates who promote peace, justice and prosperity in Ireland.  Chair - Stella O'Leary; President - Matt Gorman

Asian American Action Fund
a Democratic political action committee whose goal is to increase the voice of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on every level of local, state and federal government in America.  Chair and Co-Founder - Yeni Wong; Exec. Dir. - Irene Bueno

Armenian American Democratic Leadership Council

More .
Republican training and education 
21st Century Democrats (formerly Democrats 2000)
recruiting and electing progressive candidates
Club for Growth
elect candidates who support the Reagan vision of limited government and lower taxes. 
Progressive Majority
electing progressives at the federal and state levels
Republican Youth Majority National Committee for an Effective Congress
supports progressive candidates
Teen Age Republicans Grassroots Campaigns
face-to-face canvassing and fundraising 
Campaign for a National Majority
Democrats for America's Future
Blue Dog PAC
House .
Speaker -  Denny Hastert (IL)*

Majority Leader - John Boehner (OH)
Elected Feb. 2, 2006.  (Tom DeLay (TX-22) stepped aside temporarily on Sept. 28, 2005 and permanently on Jan. 7, 2006.  Majority Whip Roy Blunt served as Majority leader in the interim). 

Majority Whip - Roy Blunt (MO)*
Deputy Whip - Eric Cantor (VA)

Chair, Republican Conference - Deborah Pryce (OH)*
Vice Chair - Jack Kingston (GA)
Secretary, Republican Conference - John T. Doolittle (CA)*

Chair, Nat'l Rep. Cong. Comm. - Thomas M. Reynolds (NY)

Chair, Republican Policy Comm. - John Shadegg (AZ)*

Republican Study Committee

House Democrats
Minority Leader - Nancy Pelosi (CA)*

Minority Whip - Steny H. Hoyer (MD)*

Democratic Caucus
Chairman - James Clyburn (SC)
Vice Chair - John Larson (CT)

Assistant to the Democratic Leader - John Spratt (SC)

Chair, Dem. Congr. Campaign Comm. - Rahm Emanuel (IL)

Democratic Steering and Policy Committee 
Co-Chair - Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT)
Co-Chair - Rep. George Miller (CA)

Progressive Caucus
Blue Dog Coalition

Senate .>
Majority Leader - Bill Frist (TN)*

Asst. Majority Ldr/Majority Whip - Mitch McConnell (KY)

Chair, Senate Rep. Conference - Rick Santorum (PA)*

Vice Chair, Senate Rep. Conference - Kay Bailey Hutchison 

Chair, Rep. Policy Comm. - John Kyl (AZ)*

Chair, Nat'l Rep. Sen. Comm. - Elizabeth Dole (NC)

Minority Leader - Harry Reid (NV)*

Assistant Democratic Leader - Dick Durbin (IL)

Sec. of the Conference - Debbie Stabenow (MI)

Chair, Dem. Sen. Campaign Comm. - Charles E. Schumer (NY)

Chair, Dem. Policy Committee - Byron Dorgan (ND)*

Chair, Steering and Outreach Committee - Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY)*

Assistant Floor Leader - Patty Murray (WA)

Chair of Ranking Member Outreach - Paul S. Sarbanes (MD)

Vice Chair of Ranking Member Outreach - Jeff Bingaman (NM)

Chair of Rural Outreach - Blanche L. Lincoln (AR)

Chief Deputy Whip - Barbara Boxer (CA)

Deputy Whips - Thomas R. Carper (DE), Bill Nelson (FL), Russell D. Feingold (WI)

. .
*leadership page

More Parties
In a political landscape dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties, third or minor parties have had great trouble getting rooted.  (See Ballot Access News and Third Party Watch).  Three major third parties are working to build a national presence and are running candidates in various states: the Greens, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party (formerly U.S. Taxpayers Party).  The Reform Party, which grew out of Ross Perot's campaigns, has fragmented.  A fifth party, The Natural Law Party, closed its national headquarters in April 2004.
Green Party of the United States | Greens/Green Party USA
Libertarian Party
Constitution Party (formerly U.S. Taxpayers Party)
Reform Party  | American Reform Party  | America First Party

Yet More Parties
In addition, there are a number of other small national parties operating at the fringes:
Communist Party U.S.A.
Labor Party
New Party
Socialist Party USA
Workers World Party

As Noted Above
Over the past decade in many states, an increasing percentage of the electorate has chosen to remain unaffiliated (ex.1, ex.2).
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