POSTING on Minnesota Independence Party website  [ed. note: Swaggert is chair of the party]
mid-October 2008

Independence Minnesota Announces Presidential Endorsing Convention

by Craig Swaggert

The Minnesota Independence Party will convene an endorsing convention on Saturday, October 25, at 12:30pm to consider making an endorsement in the Presidential Election. Delegates will hear from representatives of up to all 7 presidential campaigns appearing on the Minnesota Ballot.

A key hurdle for this year's winning presidential candidate is to gain a majority of the growing number of independent voters. Independents are now 38% of electorate. This year is a great year to demonstrate across Minnesota the impact of an organized independent movement. As fellow Independent, NYC Mayor Bloomberg said earlier this year in Minneapolis, "Just because we're independents, doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't organize."

The Minnesota Independence Party doesn't have a candidate in this Presidential campaign. However, the ability for the party to endorse members of other parties was made possible by a change earlier this year to the Party's constitution. So far, the IP has cross endorsed two Congressional candidates and a handful of state and local candidates.

There are seven Presidential candidates on the Minnesota ballot this year. All of them have been invited to apply for endorsement. Each candidate has received a summary version of the Independence Party Platform. They have been asked to identify where they agree, disagree or partially agree with the Independence Party platform and may elaborate as needed. The IP has designated a committee to review all candidate responses. All candidate responses and the results of the IP review will be posted here on our website by October 20th.

We encourage all independent minded voters and our delegates to review the responses of the candidates and register their reactions and comments via our web site blog.

The endorsing convention will be held, Saturday, October 25th at 12:30pm at Eastview High School Auditorium in Apple Valley, MN. Official IP Delegates to the convention are encouraged to pre-register online. The convention is also open to the public.

Presidential Convention Delegate FAQ's

by Craig Swaggert

  1. Why did the IP decide to hold an endorsing convention?
As Michael Bloomberg said in his visit to Minneapolis earlier this year, the time has come for independents to organize and demonstrate their clout. Independent voters are the largest group of voters as more and more citizens become dissatisfied with the two established parties. The presidential campaigns are aware of this and approached the IP about a possible endorsement earlier this fall. With all that is at stake in this year’s presidential election, we decided it would be in the best interest of independent voters and our party to evaluate the candidates against our platform and consider an endorsement.
  1. If I attend the special endorsing convention does that mean I have to vote to endorse one of presidential candidates?
No. If you decide that no candidate is deserving of the IP endorsement, you can make a motion to withhold the endorsement, or vote for or against similar motions.
  1. Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the convention?
YES! Please pre-register if you plan to attend. You can do this at You can also review the IP party platform, and the week before the convention, the candidates’ responses about their positions regarding the IP Platform will be posted on the website. The IP screening committee will evaluate their responses and post their opinion as well. In addition, you may want to attend the League of Women Voters Presidential Town Hall on the morning of October 25th. It is being held at Normandale College. More information can be found at  
  1. Will presidential candidates be appearing at our endorsing convention?
Each candidate has been invited to attend or send a representative from their campaign to make a brief presentation to you about why their candidates deserve the Independence Party endorsement.
  1. If I am an alternate, how will I know if I will get to vote at the convention?
Delegates are seated first and as an Alternate you would be seated as a Delegate only if not enough Delegates from your district had not shown up that day. Of course, it is very likely that in most districts there will be open Delegate seats. But in full honesty, we will not know until that day. On the other hand, this should be a most interesting show of political theatre in a highly charged national race. You could also check in with the Chair of your local Congressionial District who should have a good idea of number of delegates in your district