MEMO from the Republican National Committee

RNC Memorandum

To:       Interested Parties
From:   RNC
Date:    6/3/2008
RE:       Democrat Disunity

Following all the uncertainty surrounding Barack Obama’s path to becoming the presumptive Democrat nominee, Obama is now faced with two very clear certainties as he “wheeze[s]”, as The New York Times puts it, across the finish line.  First, he will inherit a fractured party that is deeply divided over his role as standard-bearer and his ability to be President.  Second, he will inherit a national party apparatus that has been significantly outraised throughout the cycle.

Here are the facts: 

Partisan Support for John McCain and Barack Obama

Source:  Newsweek Poll, 5/23

Key constituencies voting against Obama in the primaries:

Source:  2008 CNN Exit Polling

And this leads us to the DNC rules committee meeting on Saturday when the Democrat party leadership again failed to promote the unity that their party desperately lacks.   Howard Dean’s fractious meeting of party elders seems a fitting exclamation point to this year’s Democrat primary season.