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Re:      Nearly 100 Days To Go

July 25, 2008 

Despite the most challenging environment for Republicans in years and an overwhelming advantage in attention paid by the media, Barack Obama remains unable to open the lead against John McCain that many pundits predicted. 

With nearly 100 days remaining until Election Day, very little separates the two candidates.

In critical battleground states, leads that opened for Barack Obama after he became the presumptive nominee are evaporating, including several states that were “blue” in 2004. 

This week, RNC Chairman Robert M. “Mike” Duncan, John McCain 2008 Political Director Mike DuHaime, and RNC Political Director Rich Beeson embarked on a state-by-state swing through these battleground states to solidify the Victory operations that will help deliver the presidency to Senator McCain.  Hundreds of offices have been opened and thousands of volunteers are calling their peers and knocking on the doors of their neighbors.  Fundraising is far healthier for the RNC than it is for the DNC, with a 3-1 fundraising advantage in 2008 and 15-1 cash-on-hand advantage today.  Together, with John McCain as our leader, the Republican ground game is in full swing.

And while Barack Obama has taken a last-minute trip abroad to compensate for his relative inexperience in foreign affairs, voters are seeing John McCain dealing with the difficult issues confronting Americans at home.  The bump Obama may receive from increased exposure due to his trip abroad will be temporary as it becomes clear he still has no real solutions to solve America’s pressing energy and economic challenges.

Barack Obama’s pandering and reversals on issues will continue to remind voters why they trust John McCain more to be our next leader.  Voters will not take a risk on an unproven and untested candidate like Obama.  Given all of the challenges our country faces in the next four years, Americans will turn to Senator McCain, a proven leader who is ready to be Commander in Chief from day one.   


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