Ron Paul-Organization, New Hampshire
updated October 29, 2007

Headquarters:  45 South Main Street, Concord.    ...Ron Paul officially opened on Oct. 23, 2007.
State Coordinator Jared Chicoine
(announced April 17, 2007)  Chicoine has served on campaigns for U.S. Sen. Bob Smith, State Sen. Bob O'Dell and national Republican Committeeman Sean Mahoney.  From 2003-05, he was a political and policy consultant for New England Citizens for Right to Work, educating and lobbying lawmakers in Concord on behalf of workers and economic liberty.  Chicoine also served as the area one vice chairman of the Republican State Committee in 2005, leading and coordinating GOP activity across three counties.
Field Director Jordan Brown
(started mid-June 2007)  In Fall 2006 Brown worked in the political mail department of Spectrum Monthly and Printing, in Manchester, NH.  Also in 2006 he was field director on Sean Mahoney's Executive Council race.  In 2004 Brown worked on Richard Brothers' State Senate campaign, and also ran Bill Gabler's successful County Commissioner race.  Bachelor's degree in political science from Palm Beach Atlantic University.
Field Organizer Mike Faiella

Media Contact Kate Rick
(started on Sept. 1, 2007)  Before moving to NH, Rick spent three years as a research assistant with the American Enterprise Institute's Federalism Project.  B.A. in media studies from Pomona College in Claremont, CA.

Former State Rep. Barbara J. Hagan ...campaign said she will head up the Paul campaign's outreach to the New Hampshire pro-life community.  (May 10, 2007)
Hagan served two terms as a state representative representing Manchester's Ward 10.  Her campaign experience includes worrk on then U.S. Sen. Bob Smith (R-NH)'s presidential run in 1999, and she was a Buchanan delegate at the 1996 Republican National Convention.  "Barbara Hagan, the wife of Robert M. Hagan and mother of seven children, has been involved in politics since the age of 16.  She has served as president and chairman of the New Hampshire Right to Life Committee and is a former vice chairman and long time member of New Hampshire Eagle Forum.  In addition to vast political campaign experience, Barbara Hagan was one of four New Hampshire Pro Life and Pro Family Delegates to attend the White House Conference on Families and has devoted much of her public life to the right to life issue."

Dr. Stephen C. King, past president of Gun Owners of New Hampshire.  (Aug. 28, 2007)

Former State Rep. Tom Langlais (Merrimack County).  (Sept. 10, 2007)
Elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2004, where he served the towns of Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield.

State Rep. Paul Ingbretson of Pike (Grafton County District #5).  (Sept. 18, 2007)
First elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives in 2002, serving the towns of Benton, Haverhill, Piermont, and Warren.

Larry Rappaport , Chairman of the Colebrook Board of Selectmen.  (Oct. 10, 2007)
A 35-year resident of the town, he is vice president of the Colebrook Development Corporation, where he served as project manager bringing broadband Internet access to the town this year.  Mr. Rappaport also sits on the board of the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire.

Allenstown Selectman Tom Gilligan (Oct. 17, 2007)
On his second term on the Select Board of Allenstown, where he and his family have lived since 2002.  Mr. Gilligan is a project management professional, serves on the board of directors of Compassionate Care ALS, and also as a leader in Troop 97 of the Boy Scouts of America
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