Ron Paul-Organization, Texas
revised March 9, 2008

By the time of the Texas primary Rep. Paul had shifted his focus to his re-election campaign.  On Feb. 8, 2008 he sent out a message stating "we do not now need so big a national campaign staff, and so I am making it leaner and tighter"
State Coordinator Mark Elam
(announced July 29, 2007)  President of Campaign Resources, Inc. a Texas-based political resource firm and M&M Graphics and Advertising, a company specializing in printing, advertising, graphic design and direct mail.  Elam has managed Ron Paul's recent congressional campaigns directed his win in 1996 over party-switching incumbent Greg Laughlin.  He also has worked for Phil Gramm.  One of the founders of the Young Conservatives of Texas.  B.A. in political science from Texas A&M University.
Field Coordinator Jean McIver
(announced July 29, 2007)  A former Ron Paul congressional assistant campaign manager.
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