Beltway Happenings
March 14, 2005 -- DNC Chairman Howard Dean addressed a breakfast meeting of Democratic Municipal Officials held during the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference.   Due to an overflow crowd, hotel staff had to open another wing of the room with six more tables and dozens of additional seats.  Dean started off on a practical note.  "We need your e-mail addresses; we need to be in contact with you," he said.  He defended Community Development Block Grants, which the Bush Administration is proposing to consolidate with other programs in the Economic Development Administration.  Dean said the Administration has gone "too far" with its Social Security proposal.  Finally, he talked about moral values.  "Jesus didn't talk about picking our neighbors; he talked about loving our neigbors," Dean said.  He compared Republicans to Pharisees and Sadducees who "talk all the time about moral values, but never deliver." 

National League of Cities
HUD: Community Development Block Grant programs

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