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Sens. Dodd, Lieberman and Kennedy and Rep. Waxman at the rally. 
April 26, 2005 -- Americans United to Protect Social Security, a national coalition formed to counter the Bush administration's plan, held a rally near the Capitol to "stop privatization and protect Social Security."  Dozens of Democratic members from both houses of Congress, including House Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Sen. Harry Reid, appeared.  "We will not allow a guaranteed benefit to become a guaranteed gamble for the American people," stated Pelosi.  Union members comprised much of the audience.  (More)

The event came on the same day as the Senate Finance Committee held its second hearing of the year on Social Security ("Proposals to Achieve Sustainable Solvency: With and Without Accounts") and as the administration was nearing the end of the "60 Stops in 60 Days" tour it launched on March 2 to promote its proposals.  (April 27 press release).  How the administration fares in its efforts to modify Social Security will likely have a significant impact on the outcome of the 2006 mid-term elections.

Above: DT, a USAction activist.

Americans United to Protect Social Security
The White House: "Strengthening Social Security"
U.S. Senate Committee on Finance April 26, 2005 hearing: "Proposals to Achieve Sustainable Solvency: With and Without Accounts"

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