Beltway Happenings
Jan. 31, 2005--The Democratic congressional leaders presented their pre-buttals at the National Press Club two days before President Bush delivered the State of the Union Address.  House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi focused much of her remarks on President Bush's plans to overhaul Social Security.  In prepared remarks she stated, "Social Security is the closest thing our government has to a sacred trust.  Mr. President, do not betray that trust."  Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid focused on Iraq, declaring in prepared remarks that, "President Bush has a golden opportunity to change course."   Reid said Bush should "use his State of the Union Address as a chance to come clean with the America people.  To outline a stronger, clearer policy to succeed in Iraq, defend America from danger and to advance the security and liberty of people around the world." 

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA)
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (NV)
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