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Nov. 13, 2005--Gov. Mark Warner talked with reporters after an appearance on CBS News' "Face the Nation."  "I think what Tim Kaine's victory says on Tuesday is that Virginians decided they like the results-oriented, fiscally responsible government that we've worked on over the last four years," Warner said. 
Asked what message Democrats should adopt in order to win, Warner responded:
Well first of all results matter.  I mean people want stuff to get done.  That doesn't happen in Washington.  Out at the state level, we've seen in Virginia for example, we've gone from a deficit to a surplus, we've made record investments in education, we've seen dramatic improvement for example in our math SAT scores, the number of students taking AP courses, we've gone to some of our toughest communities that have...high unemployment and added tremendous numbers of jobs.  We were named the best managed state in the country.  In the aftermath of Katrina, good management matters.  So I think what Democrats ought to be talking about is how do we provide Americans with results, results on the deficit, results on how we compete in the global economy, how we grapple with the fact that we've got 45 million Americans without health care, how we restore America's stature.  It ought to be a message that is positive, that is focused on the future, and I think if we do that, particularly with the contrast of what's coming out of the current Administration and coming out of Washington, then we'll be successful.
Asked how to address the cultural divide, red and blue states, Warner said:
We showed in Virginia that a Democrat won it in 2001 wasn't a fluke.  We showed in different ways.  I was much more successful in rural communities; Tim was much more successful in some of the outer suburbs.  So there was not a single path back to victory.  But what it starts with is candidates who are comfortable in their own skin, candidates who are going to be comfortable not only hanging out in the boardroom, but hanging out at the county fair as well.  And I think what Tim showed was that he was successful in areas that Democrats hadn't been successful in the past.  That means there is no part of any state that we should write off or no part of any community...
Gov. Mark Warner
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