Beltway Happenings
Nov. 14, 2005--Sen. John McCain signed copies CHARACTER IS DESTINY:
Inspiring Stories Every Young Person Should Know and Every Adult Should Remember (Random House, Oct. 2005) at the Trover Shop on Capitol Hill.  The book, which McCain wrote with aide Mark Salter, contains "stories of celebrated historical figures and lesser-known heroes whose values exemplify the best of the human spirit."  
Among those in line at the Trover Shop were Todd Miller, who works with the Department of Corrections in Pennsylvania.  Asked about the possibility of another McCain presidential campaign, Miller, who had helped out on McCain's campaign in 2000, said "I'm looking for him in '08."  Miller said he admired McCain's war service and that McCain "seems to kind of reach across the aisle and to work with both sides."  Nancy Dolan of Springfield, Virginia, came out of the Trover Shop with three copies of the book.  Dolan, who said she is "not very political," also pointed to McCain's military service.
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Random House: Character is Destiny
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