NDN 2006 Annual Meeting
"What Comes Next: A New Politics for America," June 22-23, 2006
NDN Founder and President Simon Rosenberg spoke during the organization's annual meeting.  Asked in an interview what it will take for Democrats to succeed in the 2006 mid-term elections, Rosenberg said, "I think we've just go to be clear: two or three key things that we're going to do that we can really do, not that sound like hollow promises or pie-in-the- sky things, but things that are concrete and tangible."  He suggested Democrats should seek to "create broad-based prosperity again" and "make it clear that we can keep the world and America safe and prosperous."  This meeting drew four potential 2008 presidential candidates: former Gov. Mark Warner, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Gov. Tom Vilsack, and Sen. Joe Biden.  NDN is "a national network of citizens using modern means to advance a 21st century progressive vision for America." 
Participating in a panel on "Progressive Idea-Making in the 21st Century" were (L to R) moderator Andrei Cherney, Co-Founder of the new quarterly Democracy: A Journal of Ideas and panelists Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor and Columnist at Newsweek; Michael Tomasky, Editor, The American Prospect; Congressman Artur Davis (AL), Co-Chair of the House New Democrat Coalition; and Markos Moulitsas, Daily KOS. 

Tomasky pointed to Iraq and Katrina and said that Americans have now experienced conservative government failing and there is an opening for liberal governance.  Moulitsas said that "people want strong, outspoken, partisan Democrats."  "The way to reach community is to inspire them," he said, citing the example of Al Gore' recent activity on global warming. 

Democracy: A Journal of Ideas which Cherney co-founded with Kenneth Baer, seeks to foster "breakthrough thinking on the concepts and approaches that respond to the central transformations of our time" and develop "a new progressivism for the twenty-first century.

Former Gov. Mark Warner
Sen. Joe Biden
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
Gov. Tom Vilsack
Prof. Allan Lichtman
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