Beltway Happenings
March 28, 2006--Chicago businessman John Cox, who has recently started a campaign for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, took a break from Vision America's "The War On Christians" conference.  Cox says he is a Republican in the tradition of Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp, favoring "solutions that involve less government, more free markets, more competition, more entrepreneurship."  In an interview he declared, "I'm in this race to win, and I'm here to push the Republican Party back to Ronald Reagan's view." 

Cox started his effort at the CPAC conference in Washington, DC in early February and already has the campaign in full-throttle.  He made his first campaign swing to Iowa on March 8-11, visited New Hampshire on March 23-25, and is scheduled to return to New Hampshire on March 29 and visit South Carolina in early April as he works to build grassroots support in key early states.  Craig Bergman of the Chicago-based Robert Morris Group is running the campaign. [more]

"...We've been ill-served by career politicians, people who go into politics to make money for themselves -- for themselves, for their families, for their cronies, who do book deals and lobbying deals after they're in office.  I think our Founding Fathers envisioned that public service would be just that: service and not profit."  
Cox 2008
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