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April 5, 2006--Winnie and Dudley of Darnestown, MD entertained reporters prior to the press conference at which Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) issued its 2006 Congressional Pig Book.  The Pig Book highlights pork barrel spending projects.  According to the Pig Book,  Congress larded the fiscal year 2006 budget with 9,963 earmarked projects in 11 appropriations bills for a grand total of $29 billion in pork.  The introduction to the Pig Book notes that, "By passing pork-laden appropriations bills and by not vetoing a single spending bill, Congress and the President of the United States have respectively failed the American taxpayer."  (Below) CAGW mascot Porky keeps a close eye on CAGW President Tom Schatz as they wait for the press conference to begin.  (more)
Citizens Against Government Waste
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