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April 16, 2006--Former Speaker Newt Gingrich delivered an incisive speech on "Ending the Dishonesty: The Way Forward on Border Control and Patriotic Immigration" at the American Enterprise Institute.  In his remarks Gingrich called on Congress to "pass a border control bill that is real;" said the United States should "move immediately to serious enforcement;" said Americans should "insist on a return to patriotic immigration;" and called for a worker visa program.   "This stuff is all manageable once you're serious," he said.  On the subject of border control Gingrich said the United States should apply the Giuliani model, using metrics, and picking some easy wins, for example putting fences in the most high traffic areas.  Gingrich termed the bills in the Senate "a disaster" saying they would "reward the people who have broken the law the longest."

More broadly, Gingrich said the Unite States is at an enormous crossroads.  The bureaucracy that failed in New Orleans will not be able to address the immigration problem.  And, he said, the nature of American citizenship is at stake.  Gingrich said the country is a decade ahead of Washington, but has a number of times in the past shown the ability to "leapfrog its elites."  (more)

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