Beltway Happenings
July 27, 2006--Heading into the August recess, Senate and House Democrats rallied on Capitol Hill to promote their "New Direction" theme.  Congressional Democrats first set out the "New Direction" agenda little more than a month ago on June 16.  At this rally the Democrats presented a somewhat retooled "Six for '06" plan encompassing six legislative priorities: real security at home and overseas; better American jobs-better pay; college access for all; energy independence-lower gas prices; affordable health care-life-saving science; and retirement security and dignity.   During the recess Democratic members plan to hold more than two hundred "New Direction" events.  (Note that a smaller group of Republicans held a message event at about the same time as this rally was going on).  (related photo)

(Below) Earlier in the day, the Democratic leaders--DSCC Chair Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY), Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (NV), House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) and DSCC Chair Rep. Rahm Emanuel (IL)--held a press briefing to emphasize that Democrats are "united, focused and disciplined."  

House Democrats
Senate Democrats

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