Beltway Happenings
July 27, 2006--While Senate and House Democrats rallied on promote their "New Direction" theme, the Republican Main Street Partnership held a smaller event across Capitol Hill on the House side to highlight their "Promise for America" agenda.  "Promise for America," described as "a common sense, plain-spoken agenda for taxpayers, families and seniors," contains five main themes: secure tax cuts, deficit reduction, and improve competitiveness; secure retirement benefits and health care for seniors, veterans and families, secure our future through math and science education, safe schools and research and development; secure U.S. energy independence, while protecting our environment; and secure America through global engagement and peace through strength.

The Republican Main Street Partnership, with over 60 members serving in the House and Senate, describes itself as "the only Republican organization committed to issue research, discussion and policy development from the pragmatic governing center."  Four congressmen spoke at this event: Reps. Tom Davis (VA), Jim Gerlach (PA) [above], Sherwood Boehlert (NY) [below], and Jim Kolbe (AZ).  Gerlach faces a very competitive re-election campaign.  Boehlert and Kolbe are retiring. 

Republican Main Street Partnership

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