Beltway Happenings
May 27, 2007--Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) spoke to reporters after an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press," as part of its "Meet the Candidate" series.  

During the hour long interview, host Tim Russert put Richardson through the wringer with tough questions on a full range of topics, including Iraq, immigration, New Mexico's low ranking in a number of areas, his tenure as Secretary of Energy, gun control and baseball.  Richardson admitted to a few mistakes but stood his ground on point after point.  For example, on immigration Russert said, "It seems as if you're on both sides of the issue."  Richardson responded, "I'm a governor.  I have to deal with this issue every day."  At one point Russert went through a list of statistics on people in poverty, people without health insurance and so forth where New Mexico ranks near the bottom of all the states.  "You're the very bottom of all those statistics of all 50 states, and you're the governor for five years," Russert said.  "We've made enormous progress in all those areas," Richardson said, discussing some of his programs.  Russert even dug up a 1988 quote in which Richardson had questioned starting the nominating process in Iowa "because of the predominance of special interests in that state."   Richardson professed to love Iowa.  When the discussion went to baseball Richardson did get into a bit of a tangle, declaring both himself a Red Sox fan and a Yankee fan.  He did manage to bring the discussion back to one of his campaign themes.  "I can bring people together.  I can unify people," Richardson declared.

After the "Meet the Press" interview, Richardson also did a lighter "Take Two" interview with Russert where they talked for approximately10 minutes about his handshaking record and some of "Richardson's Rules."

On the way to the car, Richardson talked with campaign manager Dave Contarino and communications director Pahl Shipley about how he had done.  (more)

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