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May 29, 2007--Former Vice President Al Gore lectured on his new book, The Assault on Reason, to a full house at GW's Lisner Auditorium.  "There is a crack in the foundation of our democracy," Gore said.  Despite his repeated disavowals of interest, Gore is still seen by some as a possible 2008 presidential candidates; indeed he appeared on the cover of the May 28 issue of Time magazine ("The Last Temptation of Al Gore: Will he run or not?").
Tickets for this sold-out event, sponsored by Politics and Prose, were $30, which included admission and a copy of the book.  Among those in the audience were longtime Gore associate Peter Knight.  Eva L. Ritchey, treasurer of, drove all the way from Hendersonville, NC for the speech.  "I know what a difference Al Gore could make," Ritchey said.  "He absolutely has to step up and serve his country at this particular time," she said, adding that it is up to supporters to make that happen.  "If we don't provide him with the platform and the backing, then why in the world would he run?" has collected more than 80,000 petition signatures.  (more)

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