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June 30, 2007--The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee held its first meeting to approve state party plans for selecting delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention.   (Photo: RBC co-chairs James Roosevelt and Alexis Herman and DNC director of party affairs and delegate selection).  The Committee considered 21 plans, granting "conditional compliance" to many, and postponing several.  Conditional compliance means that a plan complies with the spirit of the DNC rules but has some deficiencies that need to be corrected.  This meeting of the RBC went relatively smoothly, but difficult decisions will no doubt emerge in future meetings.  For example, Florida Democrats are planning to participate in their state's primary on Jan. 29, 2008, in violation of the rules regarding timing ("the window").  Reasons for noncompliance include violation of rules regarding timing, proportional representation, or the 15% threshhold requirement.
Members of the RBC, including Sarah Swisher (IA), Mark Brewer (MI), Elizabeth Smith (D), Martha Fuller Clark (NH), Harold Ickes (DC) and Garry Shay (CA), get down to business.
Jim Berman of the Obama campaign and Lonnie Neubauer of the Edwards campaign talk after the meeting.  Most of the Democratic campaigns had representatives on hand in the back of the room to observe the meeting:  Clinton (Elizabeth DiBartolomeo), Dodd (Jim Jones), Edwards (Lonnie Neubauer and Erica DeVos), Kucinich (Steve Cobble), Obama (Jeff Berman), and Richardson (Jim Lamb).

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