DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Settles FL and MI
Full Delegations, But Half Votes for the Two States    < Return to photo page ...Next >
May 31, 2008--After a tense all-day meeting, enlivened by interjections and applause from Clinton and Obama supporters in the audience, the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) resolved, for the time being at least, challenges from Florida and Michigan Democrats over the 100 percent penalties it had imposed on their delegations to the national convention in Denver.  The committee determined that both states will send full delegations to the convention, but that the delegates from the two states will get only a half vote each.
A large crowd rallied outside the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel where the RBC held its meeting.  The Clinton campaign, in an increasingly precarious position as the five-month long primary season draws to a close, has been urging the party to "count every vote."  (recent speech)  Activists from a number of groups sttended the rally.  (WomenCount PAC, 2; Florida Demands Representation)
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