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February 12, 2008--Voters in cast their ballots in primaries in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.  Sen. Obama won all three of the Potomac primaries.  (Above) Before heading to work, voters line up at Precinct 25 in Washington, DC.  According to unofficial Election Night returns 1,829 people voted in this precinct on Election Day (does not include absentees), of whom 1,706 were Democrats and 113 Republicans.  Sen. Obama received 1,100 votes (65.6%) to 586 (34.4) for Sen. Clinton.  Among Republicans Sen. McCain received 78 of 111 votes.  Ten votes were cast in the Statehood Green primary.
According to unofficial Election Night returns Precinct 13 in Washington, DC saw an Election Day turnout of 648 voters.  (Below) Supporters of the candidates electioneer near Precinct 13.
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