Beltway Happenings
March 26, 2008--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton did a low-dollar "March to Victory" fundraiser at DAR Constitution Hall. 
The Dunbar High School Marching Band played before the event.
This event occured about four weeks before the Pennsylvania primary.  The New York Times projects Clinton has 1472.5 delegates to 1622.5 for Obama. (2,024 needed to nominate).
Introducing the Clintons, campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe noted that there is only a one-percent difference in the number of delegates between Clinton and Obama.  McAuliffe enthused, "She's going to Denver as the nominee of the Democratic party."  McAuliffe also spoke to the controversy over Michigan and Florida, stating, "You either count  'em or let's re-do it."  He lauded Clinton.  "This is one resilient cannot hold this woman down," McAuliffe stated.

After the speech, waiting for a ride outside the hall, Cheryl, a nurse from Washington, DC, offered some observations.  "She [Clinton] was right on the money on everything.  Especially I'm glad that she focused on the economy and how we can put things in shape," Cheryl said.  "I think she has to win.  If she doesn't, I think we're in trouble." 

Asked about whether she would vote for Obama if he were to win the nomination, Cheryl said, "I want the Dream Team, and he's made it pretty clear he doesn't see the Dream Team, which is kind of a disappointment, because he'd be a wonderful president in training, and we'd have the White House for 16 years instead of having it for eight."  "Just look at the resumes," she added.

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