Beltway Happenings  
May 22, 2008--Gov. Ted Strickland (D-OH), in Washington for an event to announce a partnership between Living Cities, the City of Cleveland, and the State of Ohio, is one of many people being mentioned as a possible vice presidential pick for Sen. Obama.  Ohio will again be a battleground state in 2008, and Strickland, as a key supporter of Sen. Clinton, could help bring the two sides together.  News reports citing "campaign aides" say that Obama has  selected Jim Johnson to oversee the vetting process; Johnson performed a similar role for Sen. Kerry in 2004. 
(R to L) Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher; Gary Hattem of Deutsche Bank; Strickland; Ben Hecht, President and CEO of Living Cities; and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson listen during the event.

Strickland took some political questions after the event.  He said that the Democratic primary process is "terribly broken" and "almost irrational" and that the party should  get rid of caucuses which are "inherently undemocratic" because they exclude people serving in the military, the elderly and those doing shift work.  Asked whether a running mate from Ohio would help in the general election, Strickland pointed to former OMB Director Rob Portman on the Republican side and Sen. Sherrod Brown on the Democratic side and declared "I have said that that person will not be Gov. Ted Strickland."

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